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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

gluten-free brownies to DIE for and TWEE serving plates....

(serving muffin or cake stands by Gary Rith, muffins and brownies too!)
We live in TWEE times
(def. from somewhere on the internet):  excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental.

24 year old women in Ithaca go down the street on vintage bikes with cute footwear.... (OK, yes, they are just as cute as they think they are...I doubt if many men have ever complained about this), men wear handmade hats with beards knitted on and then..... there are the cupcake stands.  This is part of our TWEE TIMES, as I see it.

Cupcakes themselves are totally TWEE.  But a cute decorated WEE little decorative stand to PUT ONE ON?  That is like TWEE SQUARED or twee taken to the nth degree...and I am OK with that :)

I have made larger ones for actual cakes or a bunch of cookies and made some small ones for, like, one muffin, cookie, cupcake, or even BROWNIE (as hard as it is to make a larger cake stand, HELLO!  Small ones are really EASY, note to self.....)

The picture below is my kitchen and odds and ends, including a yellow cake stand I use all the time, as you know.  The brownies are Bob's red mill brownie mix:  I make my own from scratch, and this was given to me and....well, it is a mind blowing (and healthy!) mix.  Gonna buy some for the case of emergencies...

You may need a new frog cup, right????? I wrote a haiku back when it was WARM, 2 days ago (yesterday morning was in the 60s but it went down to the 20s and snowed 3 inches!) And YES, haikus are twee, doncha think?

Spring sounds like a
Million peepers on the
Banks of Fall Creek

Of course, Fall Creek is the little river behind our house (or large creek). Peepers have something to do with frogs, right?  And they were LOUD.  Wonder what they are doing NOW...
Anyway, you can have this mug! From my etsy shoppe!frog mug Here is a twee band singing about BEING TWEE...and they are so cute....


smartcat said...

OKAY! I'll stop moaning about our thin coat of ice and snow in the face of your three inches?! The little peepers seem to have retreated.


I luuuurrrve cupcake stands. Made one for a friend's b'day....need to make more.

Barbara Rogers said...

I admit it, not at all twee. THanks for educating me. Love the cupcake stands!

smalltownme said...

The before and after pictures with Penny and Spike looking up wistfully! Adorbs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a twee post. :)
LOVE your little stands....could also hold a candle??? Way twee!!!!!

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