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Thursday, April 17, 2014

BABIES and Sunny Days = SPRING

Can you believe, I was dreaming of babies again last night?
You will recall last week I wrote that WE had a baby...bear in mind we are LONG past childbearing or childrearing ages (the wife may be sexyhawt, but she is also A LOT OLDER THAN ME by many years, and I am old...and as I say my parents will quickly tell you "when we were your age we were grandparents!) (AND LET ME add here:  I do not WANT a baby.  I do not want a puppy or kitten either, do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars thank you very much :)

ANYWAY, so, yeah, in THIS dream last night all of our FRIENDS were pregnant.  You know how it is, spring, pregnant young woman in rosy, glowing good health, that sort of thing, amongst the flowers and birds and bees....enough said......

OK, yesterday I was back at SunNY Days, a new local gift gallery featuring NY gifts and arts and ME! I was delivering soap dishes and honey pots.... they sell a lot of honey and soap, right?  Makes sense! The do not want, even though I keep bringing it to them and they are TRE CUTE things with elephants and hippos...their opinion being that is not really a NY thing (I beg to differ...cute hippos and elephants can be found on kids' bookshelves all around NY!).

A note about soap dishes:  I told you a couple of weeks ago I had dreamt of turtle soap dishes, never having made them before, and tried a couple of different ideas which work well.  The problem I have with soap dishes is... I don't like to make things that are too.... mmm, how do you put it.... um, BANAL.  The sort of thing that goes in the "Ye Olde Cutsie Country Craftes Shoppe" store, the place that people with little imagination who say "that's different" or "that doesn't match my bathroom color" might shop in.  I don't make stuff like that.  I make stuff that is POTTERY, like, ART.  So, I can't stand the idea of making a soap dish. BUT, I dreamt about it and I like the idea of a cute little dish that could be, as a customer said to me last week:  "Oh I love these, I could use it for soap or rings or put cookies or candies on there!".  So below you can see what I did to consider a multi-purpose dish and also a soap dish....

Anyway, they treat me like a prince, whatta awesome shop, and here is part of my display and all the rest...have an awesome Thursday!


Anonymous said...

those turtle soap dishes are so funky....and i used to totally refuse to make 'cute' items like soap long as i can make a decent living and make mostly the pots i want to...then i'm happy!

more baby dreams.....that's wild!

and i have to tell, this morning i was up and writing my blog before you....hahahaha......not that this is a competition....i'm still in awe of your very early morning abilities.....i was just surprised to not see a posting....hope the snows melted! we have sunshine here - but very very cold!

have a great day, cheers, linda

Barbara Rogers said...

You do take the ordinary into something else...and they are CUTE soap dishes. Makes a simple soap dish want to cry!

Lori Buff said...

They should let you sell your cute cows there, I've seen many cows in New York state.

Michèle Hastings said...

I love multi-functional pottery. Those would make great spoon rests too.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Who wouldn't want a cute dish like these??? And that honey pot!!!!

True story, we have funky, handmade soap on dishes at our house and we recently had some friends over who's kids were only used to liquid, foamy hand soap in a pump. I heard one of them saying, "Dad, what do I do? Their soap is dry?" (groan...)

bartster said...

Perhaps "generativity" takes other forms and you are working through what that might mean for you. Fifty cents,please. Oops practicing psychology without a license:)

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