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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gary meets a MANGO.....

I mean, WTF IS a mango?  I have no idea.  Many years ago my first experience with mango was in a mango chutney, an Indian dish with this sweet tasty/spicy chutney on the side.  Then I had a fruit salad in NY city some time back and was like HOLY CATS that sure as heck is NOT cantelope (I hate cantelope) WHAT IS THAT YUMMY item?  (that looks a bit like cantelope) It was mango. 2 months ago we are out with the young cousin at the Thai place:  "try the mango curry! It is my favorite!" says the worldly young 19 year old...and it is exqusite.

Our store has diced fresh mango.  It is wicked expensive but I have had it zillions of times and LOOOOVE it so.  Just open the wee box and munch.

Today, at the store?  I was gonna get fresh mango chunks in the wee box, like 4-5 bucks each, and try to make mango curry.  The store made a mistake:  Tuesday they put REAL mangos next to the precut chunks, and it is like when you have gotten used to the fact that guacamole is expensive... but then one day you buy an avocado cheap and find out how simple and easy it is to make guac?  You are like "HOLY CATS, whatta ripoff!"  Ditto mango chunks in a box.  Mangos are cheap!

As long as you can figure out how to slice the damn thing.  I was like "is this thing an apple, and you eat the peel, or is it a banana and the peel comes right off or is it like a carrot, where you have to use a peeler to get the skin off????".  I don't know the answer to that.  What I did was use a sharp knife to skin it...seems like the right instinct, then try to figure out how to slice has a big bizarre seed like an avocado, except flat.

ANYWAY. It was a HUGE success, the mango curry... I based my approach on what vegan stoners did for their curry recipe, which is basically diced some veggies and stir it up in the hot pan for awhile with coconut yogurt and spice, serve over rice (or noodles, in my case).  It is a brilliant and easy recipe of theirs (click here) but I substituted mango for carrot, HUZZAH!

I also baked bread Tuesday... I can't remember where I came across this ultra-WONDERFUL easy gluten-free bread recipe, but it blows me away, so soft and tasty!  Just corn and rice flour!!!!

Alert readers will recall that every spring it is the same with me:  I plant things, full of hope!  Soon thereafter they DIE.
I gave the wife a wee pot for Easter and a basil plant... Penny and I put it together.  I hope like hell it survives long enough for ONE dish at least... have an awesome Wednesday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Heck, I'm also dumb about mangoes and have eaten them but never fixed them. Last week I ate my first kiwi.

Anonymous said...

either i need a warning before i read your blog, or i need to have had breakfast :P i always feel hungry after i've read your funny words :P gotta go have something to eat, now!~

mangoes are one of my favs and i also had such a hard time pealing them. but they are worth it, and that curry just sounds awesome....maybe i'll try it for lunch !

cheers, Linda

Michèle Hastings said...

Mangos are delicious. My only problem is knowing when they are ripe. I make a very simple mango salsa that is yummy too. You have inspired me to get a mango on the next trip to the market.

Lori Buff said...

My favorite Indian restaurant has pickled mango on the table. It's HOT but also sweet and delicious. I go there just for that. One day I'll try their Mango Lassi.

Anonymous said...

I just searched on the internet How to cut a Mango . Many Sites including a video.
But knowing when it's ripe, that's the real dilemma.

Barbara Martin said...

Whenever I cut mangos, I end up with a mess: but they are tasty!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

There is a trick for mangoes! No need to peel them! Cut discs off the sides away from the pit. Then use a sharp knife to "score" the mango into slices or cubes. Turn the skin inside out and cut the little cubes away from the skin. Works like a charm.

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