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Friday, April 18, 2014

"you made (gluten-free) chocolate bread just so you could put peanut butter on it"

"Why YES, yes I did!" said I to the wife.
Those amusing ads in the early 70s "you got your peanut butter on my chocolate!" "you got chocolate on my peanut butter!" was the beginning of a lifelong love affair for me....

You will recall 2 weeks I posted a KILLER delicious recipe for peanut butter bread which can be made gluten-free, and I made it that way and OH GOD.... it is so good.  I put peanut butter on there

and jam...and it is like peanut butter on peanut butter with jam, DOUBLE DOSE!

BUT, well, it is a quick bread that tastes like peanut butter, just like banana bread tastes like bananas.  That is great, but it occurred to me that a more neutral flavor nut butter or somesuch might make a fantastic sort of bread bread, right?  I thought tahini a good idea, and there are some recipes for Armenian tahini sweet bread out there, which I am not looking for in this case. It occurs to me now that I could try to just make the PB bread recipe substituting tahini for pb, and maybe I will...

BUT ANYWAY the point here is this:  in looking around the web I came across a gluten-free chocolate bread recipe made with tahini HOLY CATS it is good!  I just ate some a minute ago, oh WOW.  It is monster healthy and not sweet (if it was sweet it would be dessert and not bread, I guess) made with honey, cocoa powder, tahini and teff flour...that is about it! (teff flour:  a new one to me, but is a healthy whole grain full of protein, fiber, iron, etc).

I know the card below is DINKY and impossible to read, plus, you know, sideways, but I spent a lot of time on my azz Thursday fiddling with pics and pots and...finally designing a new business card.  The red teapot below covers the back.  The idea, as the wife and I discussed at length over breakfast was:
1)  cohesive, clear design
2) the pots step down from right to left
3)  lettering fits the pots
4)  clear and uncluttered
5)  somehow shows different styles

Ta da! Excellent, eh?

(new pottery by Gary Rith)


Barbara Rogers said...

Chocolate bread? Well, remember biscotti? I just ate a whole package of it in 2 days (chocolate chip). LOVE the new cards.

Anonymous said...

the card looks great...fresh and inviting!

chocolate bread and peanut butter...OMG....I will be trying that out soon! not sure we have teff flour here, but i will investigate!

cheers, linda

Hilary said...

Ahh but would you put chocolate on your peanut butter cake.. I would.

The card looks great.

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