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Friday, April 4, 2014

day of the dogs?

(Maxie, me, Nook, flowers)

Ever have a day where you fall asleep like you climbed a mountain range??? Ever have a day CHOCK FULL of dogs...and cats? And the many pots you are glazing and finishing?  It was like that Thursday, baked cupcakes too... more on that another time.

Most of this week I have been happily up to my elbows in dog walking.  The vet tells me yesterday "Penny has gained weight, she needs to lose it by June 1 when I see her again!" and I sputter "but poor dog, it has been so cold, there were days she couldn't do her miles!".  But I have to keep in mind:  don't walk so many OTHER dogs that I forget MY OWN, of course.  And besides, Penny has gained only 1.5 pounds.  Pah.  A pittance for a little athlete like her in spring!

Yogi was a nervous pup yesterday, with construction going on over there.  He stayed with us a lot of the day.  I also had to go take out Nook...who has his cousin Maxie visiting... I would LOVE to kidnap Maxie, what a sweetie....

(below, Yogi with Penny and Yogi with Spike)


Barbara Rogers said...

No wonder you've got all those animals on your pottery, you're surrounded by them! Tee hee!

Lori Buff said...

It looks like you've gone to the dogs...and are loving it. I wish we lived closer and our dogs could play together.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I think if I could pick my job all over again, it would be dog walker (to the stars, because hey, a girl's gotta live) and/or cowgirl. I'm highly jealous of your doggie friends. :)

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