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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

question for YOU! (like, was I commando?)

Seriously! A question for you, but first, how dare you ask if I was commando in my jeans here? As Seinfeld said to Kramer "you mean, all that is between me and that thin cloth?"
Get your filthy minds out the gutter!
Second, I show the car here to make my point: I really stuffed that car for the weekend fair, not even room for a peanut butter sandwich if you still wanted to see to drive...let alone, room for a large cat or small wife.....

And now we get to the point, the question of the day:
Again, the wife and her friend Zee are talking about "what is your oldest possession, why do you have it, how did you get it, how has it aged, why is it special to you?"

I have some items, of course, older than these jeans, but as the wife says, these are from the days, 20ish years ago, you could go to the store and ...get Levi's. Jeans were either Levi's or Wranglers, basically, aside from designer jeans, everybody wore Levi's. Made in USA.
So, these guys are so beloved and so worn out and repaired so many times.... I gave up on them once, but the wife took them out of the trash...and hid them....and months later I loved them again. The wife fortunately, a) has a pile of interesting cloth scraps, and b) has lovingly repaired them, at last count, 33 times. 33!!!! They are still a good fit, a little baggy, and now so old and beloved that some of the patches...need patches!

PLEASE: go to comments, tell us about your oldest favorite possession!


cookingwithgas said...

besides my teeth?
I will have to think on this one...

Shortstuff said...

Mere, how about your younger sister which you have had ALMOST as long as your teeth. Good morning. love you

CiCi said...

I have the very thin wedding ring my mother wore when she was married to my father and she gave it to me long long ago.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

haha, your sister, NICE! And ring, good answers :) Spike = A WHOLE LOTTA CAT I am noticing.....

k.a. barnes said...

I think the oldest possession I have is an old baby blanket of mine that Minchy keeps tucked in his bed. He likes to bury his nose in it, even when the rest of him is uncovered. Or it might be this really creepy owls cookie jar that my aunt gave me when I was a baby because my first word was "owl."

Michèle Hastings said...

i think my oldest possession is a large platter that belonged to my great-grandmother. it's quite ugly, the glaze has crazed and it sound punky when you tap on it... so there is most likely a crack in it somewhere.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

My husband has pants like that! AHHH! Lol. :)
I think my dingy, icky furniture is the oldest thing I have. Ready for new stuff for sure!

Busy Bee Suz said...

My husband is my oldest possession. :)
I also have a mickey mouse sweatshirt that I got when I was around 18....I still pull it out every winter and lovingly wear it.
Gary, you are possibly the greenest person I know....reuse reuse reuse!!!

Unknown said...

My cast iron skillet, which belonged to my dear husband's grandmother. It's way old!

Knight said...

I'm sure I've got some older things around the apartment but my oldest possession that has only ever belonged to me is a stuffed leopard my dad went out and bought the day my mom told him she was pregnant. I've always loved that thing and it's still in good shape. It used to have a little baby leopard with it but I gave that to my brother when we were little and I have no clue what happened to it.

Matt Sutkoski said...

I still have the teddy bear that was given to me when I was three (I'm 49 now)
I don't sleep with it, but Teddy is still prominently displayed on top of the bureau in my bedroom. He's been a constant, welcome companion.

Joyful Things said...

My favorite thing? My red Adidas gazelles that traveled the world with me. I wore them everywhere! I had them since Grade 11 and they were almost as good as new - a bit faded, with no tread left. Where are they now? My husbands lab puppy ate them. damn dog.....

soubriquet said...

A fossil.

The Red Dirt Girl and I went fozzle-hunting, and spent a great day cracking rocks open, and being the first mammals EVER to lay eyes on the secrets inside.

Jeans: Oh yes. I remember the days when jeans were dark blue when you bought them. Fading, creases, wear, tear, and patches came with age and familiarity, like the wrinkles on our skin.
Your jeans are a great example.

(I always preferred wranglers to levis)

Unknown said...

ahahhahaha Love the packed car, I bet everyone was thinking, "Oh there goes one of those hoarder people, his house must really be full"! hahahahha!
Of course George is one of my possessions, but I also have a jewelry from George's Mom, and my Aunt. I also love my cast iron dutch oven from George's Mom. Ancient, but wonderful (actually well made). I have various pet sentiments, the oldest probably from my pet lamb "Lambert". I have his little neck collar. He was so sweet....he was killed by a St. Bernard. So sad....I have tons of very old photos also.

Anonymous said...

My oldest and most treasured possession is a gold cross that my Granddad gave to my Nana when she was 17 years old. So it makes it around 100 years old now. I am too afraid to wear it incase I lose it, so it stays tucked away safely in a drawer.

Reverend Awesome said...

I have things my Grandma Margaret gave me of my Grandpa Wayne's. Like the VD book and his artillery man handbook (which I've given to Kyle, but it's still here).
Some cards I liked that she had been saving.

I have some old clothes too! I hate clothes shopping, as you know.

Summer said...

My bed is the same one I've had since third grade. The first time I saw it, it was a pile of boards propped up against a tree on a little hill, in the front yard of an old house up for auction. I remember my Mom saying, "It's an antique." (This might not be true, if she just wanted me to be excited about it, but it's a weird size of a bed, so I guess it could very well be super old.)

It's aged pretty well for following me through so many apartments.

How special is it? Well, think of how many books I've read from here! How it's comforted me when I was sick or recovering from a broken heart or what have you. Think of how many beading needles I've lost in the mattress..better yet, don't think about that.

cm said...

Your car-packing abilities could give B a run for his money.

My oldest new-to-me possession is a bracelet with a tiny blue duckie charm that I really should give to one of my nieces. Maybe I'll wait for the first grand-niece.

My oldest not-new-to-me possession is a pink Rocky Road to Dublin quilt, inherited from a cousin on my father's side, made in 1905. Love the tune, love the town, love the quilt.

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