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Monday, September 5, 2011

not buttery colored, more buttercup colored....

You will be noticing a number of things here! As I said, I have been painting my display, and GOLLY it turned out a much more bright yellow than I thought I was buying...when you look at the crates above, I am sure you will admit that it is tres cheerful! Tres sunny!

In other yellow news, as you see here, we went to Amy's farmlet where the tomatoes and other things have TAKEN over. THOUSANDS of tomatoes...waiting for me....we brought Penny. Penny hates other dogs, but as you see here, she does not hate her "cousin" Zippy, another small dog who would kick ass if needed, but they like each other. Only the 2nd or 3rd dog Penny has ever liked, the rest she has tried to tear to pieces (well, she has barked anyway).

Lastly, you will see the small pigs above, salt and pepper shakers! The same design as a piggy bank, just small....and below a cute little pot....


CiCi said...

Yellow is so cheerful. When we painted the window frames and the eaves on this little hippie house the yellow brought out the townspeople. Some people stop by to say how much they like the changes to the little house. I like the yellow you are using to paint the crates.

Unknown said...

The salt and pepper porcines are adorable! And I like the elephant jar very much as well!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I think the yellow's great! Love those little piggies. :)

Michèle Hastings said...

those darn paint chips are never accurate! once upon a time ii ended up with a VERY bright yellow kitchen. luckily your yellow looks great.

Lori Buff said...

Your pots look good sitting on those yellow crates. Really cheerful.

Reverend Awesome said...

Those little salt and pepper shakers are soooo adorable!

Nice shirt too!!! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I like that shade, too. I LOVE the salt and pepper piggies 'cept, does the salt & pepper come out of the eyes?! I'm having sinus issues right now and the thought of pepper coming out is making me sneeze even more.

Jen H

Laura said...

Gotta love the elephant pots! Just yesterday I was frolicking with some sunflowers too!

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