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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

mega-kitchen MONDAY!

ALRIGHT, so, the pics all loaded backwards, OOPS. Welllllll, at the end of mega-kitchen Monday there was the spicy hot salsa....Joy of Joyful things shared her salsa recipe, and it includes the usual suspects, tomatoes (remember I told you we were at Amy's farmlet with Zippy the dog on Sunday, snagging tomatoes?) and garlic, hot peppers and lime and onion and is wicked tasty. I baked little quesadillas to go with that salsa--a little vegan cheese on a tortilla with seitan...and peanut butter chocolate cookies! The wife needs treats for the work week and it is my job to make sure she does not dry up and blow away...and actually, MOST of the day was spent:

making 22 jars of apple jam. You will remember we picked apples from the untended neighbor's tree on Saturday--suprisingly healthy and beautiful little apples, and we used ten pounds to make 2 batches apple spice jam. The longest part was chopping them, and we are too lazy to peel them. Basically, apple spice jam is apple pie in a jar, ready for your toast, and the house, these many hours later, still smells like apple pie :)
(when we were selling our house a few years ago? I would burn an apple pie smelling candle before customers came over, and believe me, the house smelled great and it sold quickly!)


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Wicked tasty, eh? Love homemade salsa!

Lori Buff said...

I'll bet your kitchen smelled amazing.

Unknown said...

I KNEW I smelled something good yesterday!

Man, that looks GREAT!

cookingwithgas said...

as you know I too have been eating and cooking apples!
We put apple sauce in a bowl and topped with yogurt- it was like pie with no crust- tasty!

Summer said...

I do love those days in the kitchen. Thinking of cinnamon now...........

Reverend Awesome said...

When I was younger me and Will each got a tree. We took care of it when it was a baby tree and helped pick them out. (I could not get a magnolia tree, no matter how many times I asked. The kind of magnolia trees that bloom in Iowa are really messy.)

I got a cherry tree. Some kind of dwarf cherry tree! It was great. Each summer it had so many cherries. We couldn't make enough pies and crisps to keep up.

And I loved baking treats with my cherry tree, but I didn't/don't like them. I don't like cherry pie. You see, I'm a weirdo. All that baking looks like a lot of fun!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are wicked in the kitchen!!!!
I could LIVE on fresh salsa!!!!

Joyful Things said...

So is that apple jam what is also called "apple butter" when I'm looking for a recipe? or can I have your recipe? I could go for some apple pie on my toast in the morning.

Emily SIL said...

Spike and Penny know where to catch the action: the kitchen, baby!

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