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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"when I think of Gary, I think........"

I have to say, I relish your funny comments! I was sitting here in my little happy but sleepy bubble, wondering "what the heck do these people think of me, who do they think I am???" Please go to comments and tell me who I am. At least, how you see me, I am dying to know what impressions I give!

Just to be fair, and generalizing here, when I think of the typical reader of this blog, I think "blogging woman aged about 25-65 with a great sense of humor and fun, smart and sassy". That is YOU :)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Gary is an insane idiot, sheesh, what a question!

kate et jim said...

Lucky. You've often spoke of how you're content, happy, and it seems you're right where you should be in your life. I'm not saying you don't have a healthy amount of skepticism and caution though.

Kind. I've met you, and you're one of the kindest people I know. Comfortable with who you are. Funny. You come up with the darnedest things to laugh about.

Most of all, you're gracious.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh, I thought I was a smartass, you must be talking about my dog?

Shortstuff said...

Gary is a badazz with a heart of gold. A man who is thankful for what he has and who he has in his life. Loving towards his wife and the four legged kids who inhabit his home. A little shy in person maybe, but bold and outspoken in a hilarious way on the internet. Thoughtful and yes, gracious, towards others...even those who may not be deserving. A bit of a wag. He amuses and amazes every day. Did I mention TALENTED?!? A genuinely nice person with a raucous, rowdy rocker streak that shows through. All in all a great person to call friend...even if it is just virtual (for the moment)!

CiCi said...

Gary is a skinny dude married to a beautiful and charming woman. They eat the same way, healthy, and they drink the same way, beers and raspberry margaritas. Gary knows how to make pottery, not just pottery but gorgeous, one of a kind, beautiful pottery. Gary has many friends IRL as well as online. He is a goofball but sometimes he is serious. Not very often though.
The end.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Talented and creative. :)

Michèle Hastings said...

a smart, funny and often silly guy whose pots mirror his personality.

Joyful Things said...

When I think of Gary I think he must be a superior human being. Shown to us by sharing his love for his wife, his animals, his art, his friends, nature, healthy living (except for the beer and magaritas) and his humor. He is a guide to help us shape a better world.

Unknown said...

Smart, talented, kind and very funny potter! Love your work and reading your blog :o)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Jesus, a superior human being? I need to shut off comments, this isn't going the way I thought! The wife will be teasing me! She knows the truth: devil in blue jeans!

Reverend Awesome said...

When I think of you I think of: A good friend. A loving husband and a wonderful Dad to his furry children. Always on the look out for something everyone else has missed. Always striving to be better even though he's already better than most.
A smart ass. Also just plain smart. Colorful. Everything about you just seems colorful. Your personality, your house, your clothes, your pottery. All of it.

k.a. barnes said...

"Always on the look out for something everyone else has missed."
Great observation, Kasey!
I think "joyful" is the word that comes to mind when I think of Gary. Your joy in making delicious food and drinks (and consuming them), crafting utterly unique pottery and art, relishing your wife & fur-kids & friends, appreciating everything around you.

Busy Bee Suz said...


you get the gist. right?

Summer said...

Not gonna read previous comments here..don't wanna be influenced!

I first think of colors and happy animals, then of a warmth and excitement that you exude in response to the many different people in your life. So positive!

kate et jim said...

So you see, Gary. It may not have gone the way you thought it would, but isn't the path it took, quite something. :)

Unknown said...

You're the talented, kind-hearted guy I look forward to hearing from nearly every day.

Does the wife know yet?


(Well, I was kidding about the question I asked. Not about the first sentence. And give my love to your dear, sweet, beautiful, wonderful, tolerant wife!)

Unknown said...

Gosh, tough one, we love everything about you, and I mean everything. Just the fact you love your wife, and your fuzzy kids, is enough for us, but everything else you do on top of that is a pure bonus for us.
Can't wait to hear everyday what you are up too...always funny, mostly hilarious, and I love that you accept woman for who they are....creative, good cook, loves life, and loves to are the "King", tis good to be "King"....we love you dearly, you make life so way more tolerable.......

gz said...

I can't add any more. I'm just so glad I found your blog.
You're a Real Human Bean! :-)

Laura said...

I don't think I will use adjectives, but I will say that you give me hope that I don't have to be boring as an adult.

red dirt girl said...

I think you're the BEST. In everything you do. Everything else has already been said. I AM envious of your happy brain chemistry, but I wouldn't slay you for it. You've been a great friend to me and I appreciate you much-o!


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