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Friday, September 16, 2011

boring you to tears.....the cholesterol talk...and wicked tasty foods...

My mother-in-law,
The party animal, came.
Gnocci and beers, yesssssssssssssssss.

That is one point here: have you recently, as an adult, tasted something for the first time which kinda blows your mind? I had Joe's gnocci in basil-tomato sauce, and why have I not HAD GNOCCI before? They are little potato dumplings, used like pasta and holy CATs they are tasty!

As far as boring you, well, people start talking cholesterol and anybody under 40-50 would be like, eyes rolling up in their head. But here I go, with the second mind blowing new flavor in my life.

First, I am a an active and fit 125 pound 40+ year old vegan....and should have, as my wife does, totally low cholesterol. I mean, cholesterol is basically butter in the arteries, right? And I have not had anything like that in decades, but as the ads will show you, high cholesterol comes from your genes too. My family background is obviously terrible for high cholesterol, as mine is QUITE high. Really high. From March till now I had blood tests, ramped up the activity and all, and it went up quite a bit. However, I am determined to lower it through food and more exercise. Oats supposedly carry cholesterol out.
(a food and health discussion)
I was wondering about oat bran vs oatmeal, having just discovered how superb tasting oat bran is compared to oatmeal in my own personal taste tests. It is like my old favorite cream of wheat, creamy! Kinda gluey but not wallpaper paste, you know? I am getting DEEP into the oats as it were. I think oatmeal tastes OK, but DANG! Oat bran is a zillion times tastier.
It is fortunate that peach jam and peanut butter remain pretty much zero cholesterol, because a bit of toasted bagel with that on it plus some hot oat bran with apple sauce in it is a wicked tasty breakfast.
These bowls would hold plennnnnty of oats....


Busy Bee Suz said...

Those bowls are amazing!
I can't believe you have high IS in your genes that is for sure. Good luck getting it down.
Hey, does that black phone really work??? very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary
My aunt takes cinnamon every day, just a teaspoon mixed in with her yogurt (you could mix it in with something else) and it has helped significantly drop her cholesterol!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I love cinnamon as much as life itself, and I GOTTA CHECK THAT OUT! Sure cheaper than meds and more fun :)

jim said...

amigo, first off, have always loved gnocchi... it is some dense food. my dad and i used to make it from scratch and it would cover the tops of all the tables in our house waiting for it to be ready to cook. as far as the cholesterol, unless it's really high, i don't think i would sweat it too much. from things i've read lately and seen on tv, there is a significant faction of the medical community that has considerable doubts about using the cholesterol numbers as anything except a statistical red flag... this is not a popular view as you may well imagine. my neighbor is taking statin drugs which are negatively affecting his liver while the positive effects on his cholesterol are not necessarily quantifiable in terms of reducing his chances of a cardiac event. good luck and i hope it's not really high.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Thanks jim--I should emphasize to myself and others that my GOOD cholesterol is 77, and my doctor says anything over 40 is good, 60 and over amazing or something, but they do add to the number. Oh, who cares anyway.......

Unknown said...

Gnocci,mmmmm love it, love it! So funny last night I was glazing my new bowls I made and did it just like yours, other than different colors...spooky...hahahha!
Cholesterol, we control ours with donuts, lard, fats, sugar, and other horrifyingly delicious things. I am sure ours is off the charts, but loving life at the moment however short...hahahhahahahahha!
It's good that you behave, and keep track of those things. Tis wise to be healthy, unfortunately George and I are neither wise, smart, etc......:)

Lori Buff said...

Steel cut oatmeal is the best. Have you tried that? Add some cinnamon and you've got the cholesterol lowering combo right there.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you have some awesome "good cholesterol!"
We have some family history there too, but luckily that gene skipped my dh -- who likes to think that processed foods and useless American-style grains (like hotdog buns) have contributed to bad cholesterol and obesity.

Reverend Awesome said...

You showed cholesterol who's bOSS. The boss made some neat bowls too!

Unknown said...

You know, I can't imagine you having cholesterol that high, either.

But then, I couldn't imagine my dear, physically active, 56 year old husband having heart issues...and....

If not just high cholesterol, but also heart disease runs in your family, I'd encourage you to have a stress test, just so you can tick that off your list as "checked, taken care of, and definitely not a problem".

Hilary said...

Oh good for you for working at lowering it naturally, if you can. I have known a few very slender, healthy eaters with high cholesterol as well. At least one of them has been successful with eating foods which lower it as mentioned in the comments above. Good luck.. please keep us posted.

You made me laugh when you said "40+ year old vegan." It made me think of Steve Carell...

Glennis said...

I, too have high cholesterol. Tried for many years to control it naturally, but finally agreed to take a statin.

Ah well.

And I second the comment about steel-cut oats. YUM!

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