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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I was gabbing while the wife was working

Across the street our neighbor has a massive apple tree with awesome apples. We went over and picked, as it turns out, nearly 15 pounds of them in about 3 minutes. It is easy to see how folks 100 years ago would have treasured an apple tree. Fill your root cellar with ten thousand apples from a good tree, and you have something tasty to eat all winter! In our case, we pulled a likely one off and ate it, no bugs! No worms! Good flavor. So, we picked a lot (no, I stood there with my camera gossiping with the neighbors while the wife picked), and then I made a yummy apple cake. We are going to make 2 batches of jam soon. **cake recipe follows

GARY's basic apple cake, not vegan but close

--grease small rectangular baking dish--the size that is about 8 x 11 inches and preheat oven to 350

--in large mixing bowl, melt 8 tbs margerine in the 'wave about 27 seconds then crack in 2 eggs and STIR!

--add 3/4 cup sugar, STIR! add one cup white flour and one cup whole wheat flour and one teaspoon baking soda and STIR. It is very thick

--presse dough into baking pan, top with 3 chopped apples pushed into the dough and top the whole thing with a mixture of 2 tbs sugar mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg, bake at 350 30 minutes :)


Hilary said...

Oh that looks so yummy. I love the image of Maude up on the ladder.. fun stuff.

No, Roxy isn't a raccoon. She's taking a break from raising raccoons for now though Binky still comes around to her for a belly rub and a cuddle every now and then.

Sneak preview just for you: Roxy is an adorable... nah.. you'll have to come see her on Thursday. ;)

I'm messing with you. You'll love her. She's a red squirrel. :) Shhh.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That looks awesome! Apple pie is one of the 2 things I bake. Lol! Love that apple-y cinnamon-y smell baking. Mmmmm.

gz said...

Apple picking is so satisfying.

Looking at the storecupboard with all the preserves, pickles, dried goods and fresh stores gives feelings of satisfaction and relief!

Unknown said...

That looks so delicious! You know, I've picked apples before, a few times, but they weren't great apples. Made me sad! How great that found a tree that produced great fruit!

Deborah said...

Yum, thanks for including the recipe, I love love love apples and I'll definitely give your cake a try.

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