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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"underwear goes inside the pants"

I was dreaming of when we worked at a boarding school and it was just before graduation and I caught a student I liked coming out of the girls' dorm at 5 am and I knew he wouldn't graduate if I turned him in and....well, then I woke. Should I have just warned him to be good for 3 more days or turned him in and ruined his life?
Now that I am awake I think I would have told him to make sure he was extra good until graduation and try to make sure he understood that and leave him alone. My last year teaching at a boarding school I was only a hardass with the kids who were annoying and I was permissive with the kids I liked, which is why kids hate school and teachers isn't it?
This is a small teapot, and its much bigger yellow brother was glaze fired yesterday and is cooling now.

(teapot by Gary Rith)

I remember listening to this tune and you have to admit, its a good reminder of how lucky we are....


Mrs. P said...

As one student pointed out to me, while we walked to the Dean of Students office, there are our rules and the students' rules.

Unknown said...

I would have scared him into being a good kid... like feign that you're going straight to the Dean's office, let him sweat about it for a while... then right before you get there, go "Nah, I'm just pullin' your chain. Just behave for three more days". :)

Anonymous said...

I have a very vivid memory from kindergarden of this girl who got to wear her underpants OVER her tights. I thought that was very cool. I was NOT allowed to do so.

Anonymous said...

i hear you... such is the ways of life. lovely yeller teapot amigo

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would have let him go with a warning too....

Reverend Awesome said...

Yeah. I think I was one of those kids the teachers just didn't like. Some of them.

I got 2 detentions in high school. Both of them total crap.

1. Hoarding books. Everyone (2 people) put their health books in my locked cuz my last name starts with a B and it was close. I get called into the office. Detention. Hoarding books. It said hoarding. I swear to god. Why were they searching my locker? I'll tell you why. I looked like a trash box. I wasn't though!

2. Giving someone my banana at lunch. Or as they called it "sharing a lunch" I wasn't going to eat their weird cut in half banana so I gave it to my friend. Bitch of the universe saw it happen. Detention. I even talked to the principal about it. The detention stood. After talking to the principal I was so mad I left school, walked home and my mom called me in sick.

I think I just didn't look like someone that the teachers wanted to like. I didn't play sports. I brought nothing to the table.

Cheryl said...

I love the yellow teapot!!!

soubriquet said...

Oh shit.... I WAS that kid.
Thanks, teach!

But, like, y'know, don't tell the other guys, but..... it's not what you think, we were playing scrabble and the game was really going well and then suddenly we realised it was after lights out, and I couldn't go back in the corridor because I'd get caught straight away....
So we thought I'd better stay a bit longer, until after midnight and we were reading to each other, and telling each other secrets and I .... I fell asleep!

soubriquet said...

The video made me laugh.....
Especially on the need to produce the requisite number of kids without high self-esteem.
We seem to have bypassed the bit about beingdeserving of esteem though, so every worthless shit-bag yatters on about "Respect", whilst not understanding for one moment why nobody respects him.
Meanwhile, the kids who work, the kids who do stuff, the scouts, whatever, are laughed at, ridiculed because their contemporaries think they're uncool, dupes...

To me, the kid I'd trust more, be more likely to give a job to would be the one who'd worked, the one who'd volunteered, the one who'd learned to sail, kayak, climb, or trek, because that would be the kid who could THINK, the kid who could solve problems on his own, instead of just sticking earbuds in his ears and shrugging.

This by the way is not gender specific, use "she" interchangeably.

As for homeless people, It's hard to generalise. I think, when I pass them, given other circumstances, that could be me.
Do I give money? Rarely. I shop in charity stores, they're my bookstores, and I go to stores which support homeless shelters.
I've given my lunch away, too.
And I do wonder... Could I survive on the street?

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