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Monday, December 21, 2009


So ends a great pottery mystery.
Early in the fall for some reason or other me and Becky Jo in Iowa are like:
"we could do a pot swap for Christmas" and I was like
"OK, but it has to be smaller than a shoe box" and Becky Jo makes it tough by saying
"and it has to be a GIRAFFE"
and neither of us knew what the other was doing until my box got to her (I don't have a pic of the mug I sent to Becky Jo, but it is similar to the painted one I did here, plus a giraffe inside).
And then Saturday this cute penguin box arrives full of goodies, giraffe and otherwise, from Iowa.
Becky Jo made this rather fantastic textured cup (and pendant and candy). Stunning isn't it? I had never seen texture like that and asked if she had carved it, and she sez she filled a bag with dark slip and applied it a little decorating with frosting.
Ah ha!


Gallow said...

That is a cool technique.

While opening the gifts, your facial expressions are great. Did you have a lot of practice as a child?

Reverend Awesome said...

Becky is so awesome!!

You two and your secret giraffe project! FINALLY it's come to light!

Nicki said...

That is awesome!

Unknown said...

Gary, you're so good to me. Look at my little giraffe cup, all glowing in the proper lighting of a REAL photo set up. Thankyou! and thanks for the giraffe cup swap! :D

P.S. The facial expressions ARE awesome.
P.S.S. I saw the PURPLE penguin box and thought, "The guy in the purple house needs this box".

Norah said...

That cup is awesome! I'm jealous! Great work, Becky Jo!

Norah said...

That cup is awesome! I'm jealous! Great work, Becky Jo!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How FUN!!!
I love your shocked and surprised faces...such a drama guy. :)

denis said...

gary, i can't imagine what you must have been like as a child opening gifts x-mas morning. the only word that comes to mind is...priceless.

Lori Buff said...

That cup, and technique is great, good job Becky Jo.

Jay said...

Giraffes are cool. I want one as a pet.

That's a cool technique there. Very beautiful.

Gordo said...

Wow, that's great!

For anybody who's wondering, Gary makes those faces in person, too ... ;-)

Susan as Herself said...

VERY cool items. Gary, you know so many talented folks!

Unknown said...

What an awesome swap, love Becky Jo's giraffe mug, love the texture.

Cheryl said...


Unknown said...

I like her! I have the same name.

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