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Friday, December 11, 2009

and so the Cornell Pot Shop Sale ends....

SO, all week instructors like me and students and members have been selling pots in the Cornell art gallery. Good week. Great week! And a million of my buddies came over to gossip too, like Martha, Katie, Tom, Matt, Joan, and of course Norah and even my missus. I was due to stay until 4. Or maybe 6. I compromised and stayed till 5, and it was SNOWING so hard...but makes a nice pic with the Christmas tree in the big window (the sale was also in that building).
And that is me and Emily kitten which has nothing to do with anything.


Barbara Martin said...

But Emily kitten is important to the post, otherwise it wouldn't be norml. Glad to hear you're out and about selling your pottery. Do you have Santa or reindeer mugs?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Beautiful snowy shots :)
Hope you did well with your sales!

Gallow said...

Gary!!! I love the snow flake photo. Great job.

Great job on the corduroy teapots as well. It seems like I've seen somebody make them. ;-)

cm said...

That's an awful scowl on Emily-cat's face. What did Spike do? :-)

Jessica said...

I love those pictures, gorgeous!

Di said...

It looks and reads like such an incredibly yummy and delicious life. I am so envious of all the pots floating about. Belgium just doesn't have the pottery thing going and I have no idea why. New Zealand did, France does ... it really sucks to not have easily accessible pottery :-( Glad it was so nice for everyone though.

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