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Thursday, December 31, 2009

gonna get you sucka

2am and some rodent is having a party in the bedroom walls. He is not new to us. he moved in maybe a year or 2 ago. This is an extremely old house, full of crevices allowing mice or squirrels or whatever in and out, I guess. There was, for example, the HUGE snake skin in the basement when we moved in. I later met the milk snake that April and used a rake to carry him off to a swampy and distant area....
ANYWAY, so this mouse. Or whatever it is. Usually is seems to move around but is normally quiet. Last night I think it got stuck somewhere. I don't care, I hate it. I hope it doesn't die in the wall by the bed and stink. I hope Spike tears it to pieces. See pic below: Spike is working on it!
Also, you saw a small yellow teapot 2 days ago, and its bigger brother just came outta the kiln, YAY!

And here's the Cycle S!uts from Hell and I WISH YOU WERE A BEER. Omigosh, HEAVY METAL, BABES and BEERS....


Anonymous said...

go spike go... earn your keep, tear them meeses to pieces

Anonymous said...

Hey is that my ele teapot set up there??!!!!!! ;o))))))

OOOOO meeeses! Get em Spike!

Chelle said...

Go for it, Spike!

Glennis said...

Yes, spike!!

We have one in the basement, running around in the suspended ceiling, I think. But it's not a mouse, it's a rat.

Have you tried the Rat Zapper? It electrocutes them. I swear by this thing - we're in a rural environment and are plagued by rats, and this thing does the trick. Google it.

Cheryl said...

Go Spike, go! Love, love the yellow teapots! Swoon...

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I'm thinkin' if you had kept the snake, you wouldn't have a rodent problem. ;-)

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