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Sunday, December 20, 2009

don't you wish you were married to me?

The missus said late this afternoon: "I am so lucky to have met you" and I was like
and she is like
"yes" and I was like
**blush** cause she is so pretty.
Then I went downstairs and made peanut lime sauce and stir fry peppers and sticky rice. The fun thing with sticky rice is to take it and pack it into a small bowl so you can plop it onto a plate and it looks like a little boobie :)
Isn't the house across the street from us pretty? You could have bought it last spring, but Terri Anne and Chris did buy it and they are great.


Unknown said...

Ya know.. I never thought about my rice in 'that' way.. but they used to serve rice in school with a giant ice cream scooper and it really did resemble a, well, you know. I'm surprised all the boys didn't catch on.

Emily SIL said...

"...and it looks like a boobie."
Too bad you don't each cheese. There is a cheese from Spain called "Tetilla" cheese that is shaped to look like a boobie. That's what the word "tetilla" means in English. How did we get on this topic, anyway? Are there other breast-shaped foods out there?

Dez said...

Yes, you definitely would have been my second choice to marry. Sigh... And, about the boobie... I guess it's all in the brain at the time... To me, it looks like a large scoop of mashed potatoes! Am I hungry right now? Oh yeah, I havent' eaten dinner!

Anonymous said...

We had sticky rice today too minus the boobie shapes! hehe

Miss Heather said...

You would have been my 2nd choice to marry too!! :) I think you and M are perfection! :) Can't believe your anniversary is this week!! :)

And I always think round-shaped food looks like boobies!! We have a lamp on our living room ceiling that looks like a boob with a big ole nipple on it... TERRIBLE! :)

I finally wrapped and packed up your presents.... SO the package is going in the mail tomorrow... I hope I hope I hope you get it by Christmas Eve!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Sounds and looks tasty. What I really want to know though is: Do your neighbors get cookies??? (still stuck on those damn double triple chocolate cookies of yours)....

Anonymous said...

yum yum... booby rice! amigo, i could have bought that house, but i guess it all worked out.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Of course she appreciates you when you make great food like that!

Unknown said...

You are so funny! Really, really funny.

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