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Sunday, December 6, 2009

more scenes from a slightly snowy Saturday

(this person is NOT my wife)
Goofy Kim, seen below here squashing Penny, came over to join us at the movies (see post below!) and twas a great time involving also green curry and you can see Buster in the snow and with me on the couch, Penny was cold and snuggling with me, and Missus Hawtness was playing with curlers and this was the cute result. Remember in the 70s when we were kids, like the neighbor's mom would be this old crazy looking creature in slippers and a house coat, chainsmoking with one hand drinking a beer with the other, curlers in her hair, standing in the driveway hollering at everything and nothing? (maybe you had different neighbors than me) Well, my wife wearing her curlers does't look ANYTHING like that.


Jessica said...

Love that picture of the missus! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I had the same neighbor. Sometimes I had her as my mom, minus the beer and the yelling. :)

kate et jim said...

Oh man - I knew you'd all find out about me and my curlers, sooner or later! lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL, and with all those cigs, she was skinnier except when she was pregnant again.
Friends from my childhood STILL remember my neighbors.

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