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Thursday, December 17, 2009

do you, YOU feeeeeel like I do

(fantastic little teapot by Gary Rith---notice that although it is cleverly textured it is also diabolically squared off and I am not gonna tell ya how I did it)
Our room is in quite a lot of disarray with clothes and sheets and whatnot tossed all over and the missus woke up singing Frampton's rather good tune DO YOU, YOU, FEEEEEL LIKE I DO.....if you, ah, know more of the lyrics, well, you know, maybe you can understand my meaning.....


Lori Buff said...

I saw Peter Frampton and Stevie Nicks in concert years ago. It was like a big hair completion set to music.
Good to know you had a good start to the day.

Anonymous said...

i got that two disc live album for xmas about 4 years ago... it holds up well from my memory of it as a youth. good analog guitar playing.

Unknown said...

Wow. He has a LOT of hair. ;)
I listen to the local classic rock station and it's kind of weird to put faces with the songs I like so much. Very strange, and lacking chest hair.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this cute.
Love me some Frampton too!!!

DirtKicker Pottery said...

I still have all the Frampton albums. Big crush when I was 15?? Ha!

Emily SIL said...

Thanks for posting this one, Gary. I remember "Frampton Comes Alive" as being the Secret-Santa gift of choice when it came out in the 70s. (I got a pair of tube socks, though.) This is the first time I've ever seen how Frampton electronically distorted his voice with that...gadget. I always wondered how he did that.

soubriquet said...

That was great!, well, after he warmed up, a bit shaky at the start but pure Framptonicity after.
I hate people doing vocoder effects... that Cher song, springs to mind, but not so well to mind that i could tell you what it's called... I want to throw a bucket of pig-swill at her when she starts in with the silly distorted voice... Peter Frampton started it, and remains the only person I can think of who makes it into his own music. Other people, it's the voice equivalent of scribbling.
Thank you, yes, i'm okay, got it off my chest there, rant is over....

Back in the good old days, I saw Peter Frampton a few times, he was touring with along with a band called Stackridge... it was billed in great psychedelic posters as 'Almost the Greatest Show on Earth! Peter Frampton's 'Camel', and Stackridge!" or something like that, I've got, I think I've got, um, somewhere? a poster of them.
The show was indeed great fun, music and madness, Stackridge's closing number was "Let there be Lids!", which was accompanied by assorted members of both bands and members of the inebriated audience, on ... Lids. Dustbin Lids, or, as you cute colonials would say "Garbage Can Lids"?
Lids wielded like Cymbals, sounded with a hammer. Or a boot, or just clashed together, one in each hand.
Oh, what fun we had..... Of course, a few locals would be searching for their lids the following day, or wondering how a nice shiny galvanised steel lid could turn overnight into something that looked as though it had been through three world-wars, strapped to the front of a tank.

Dez said...

I've always loved Frampton! Great Song!

Reverend Awesome said...

Soubriquet-Are you talking about autotune? It's everywhere these days. Jay-Z has a song called the Death of Autotune. maybe it will come true! I hope. I hate it as well.

I don't really know much Peter Frampton. What I know of it is from Wayne's World when he says that people used to be issued Frampton Comes Alive with a box of Tide. Or something like that.

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