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Saturday, December 19, 2009

BAMF* of the day: my old pal Wendy

Where to begin? For a recluse, I sure do get around sometimes.
You will remember my pal Wendy, we grew up in the same neighborhood and I was friends with herself (ten months younger than me) and her sister Mary Beth, in my grade. Their last name also started with R so I was always being plunked next to Mary Beth in class seating charts, and we would all hang out and wander around and complain about school and such. As I have said, we were a little like Winnie and Kevin in the WONDER YEARS TV show.
Fast forward to now, of course, and Wendy lives up the road in Syracuse, and once again, we all pal around.
SO, I needed to get to my clay supplier in Syracuse today and take the missus shopping and for lunch at Alto Cinco, the BAMF Mexican restaurant near Syracuse University, and early this am, since this was like a last second plan, I left a message for Wendy that if she wasn't busy we'd be at Alto Cinco just before noon. AND SHE CAME! I mean, we don't have a cell phone, so we are hard to keep track of, but Wendy dropped everything to have lunch with us and go shopping. You can see here: the missus has the cappucino and fries and such, I had the espresso and the rest, and it was so much food it was brought home for dinner too.
Then, of course, you also know I hate shopping, but near Alto Cinco is this clothing-costume shop (actually, there are two or 3) and we go in and I show the missus the spiked giraffe boots and I am thinking "I could develop a foot fetish over these, meow!" and then there is the wee little doggie punk leather biker jacket and Wendy, Gawd bless her, holds still and lets me dress her.
I am like "WENDY: cheetah print!!!! BERET WITH FEATHERS!!!!" and I discovered today what so many gay fashion designers already know: dressing up women is a BLAST.*Wendy is a BAMF for the day for letting me dress her up and coming out for lunch with me and the missus at the last second, oh yes....


kate et jim said...

What a fun day you guys had! I love these photos! Very colorful and happy!

denis said...

so did maude buy those great giraffe boots?

Cheryl said...

Looks like a great day! You were definitely stylin with the fancy schmancy jacket! I love to do things like that as well.

Gallow said...

That looks like a smoking jacket to me.

Unknown said...

OMG... Giraffe boots!!! I'm not one for heels, but I might wear those......

Wendy said...

Great to catch up with you guys. Buzz says hi!

Kimberly said...

It all looks like so much fun.

Shortstuff said...

I hope you came home with that SMOKIN' jacket. You look great in it. Very debonair.

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