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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

home electronics for dummies

The wife wears the pants in this family. She's the one with the toolbox, I'm the one making the dinner and cleaning the cat box. I'm good at that.
SO for the last year or so only 2 out of 4 burners have worked on the stove. I am resourceful. 2 is better than zero, so it has not bothered me. The wife feels differently. She likes to fix sh!t. I don't like to like to fix things, I like to ignore broken things, make pigs, drink coffee, try another variation on pizza recipes, like that.
SO she tells me we are going down to the electric parts store and I drive her there and turn on the radio.
"You aren't coming in?"
"Me? I don't know anything about burners. I'm gonna sit here and visualize whirled peas"
So my little wife goes into the warehouse and comes back with all these gizmos.
Later I am sitting here after dinner, you know, doing this. Watching Flight of the Conchords clips and stuff. She is rattling around downstairs.
"I gotta turn off the breaker for the stove"
"Crapola, can't you see I'm busy!" but the basement is part of my studio so I have to go to the fuse box for her, and then I am drawn in and you want to say
"DANGER WILL ROBINSON!" because I HATE household projects.
But I am drawn into assisting the courageous little woman, and after things are torn apart and reassembled correctly, there are HIGH FIVES all around. Until this morning when I turn on the fixed burners, which work, to an extent.
"Honey, the burner you fixed works, but only gets, um, warm, not hot at all" (should have kept my mouth SHUT)
"OK" she sez grabbing the toolbox "let.s....(etcetcetc)" and I am like
"IT'S FIVE AM! Can't we wait until we have had some coffee?".
I guess this story will be continued, although the irony of course is that I do all the cooking and she insists we fix this thing....
**update at 6 something, after some coffees: small adjustments made, burner works perfectly :) (this woman kicks AZZ) AND I gave her a scratch ticket and she won TEN DOLLARS. Wow.
In other news, you can see this rather curious experimental cup I am excited about plus the rather nifty patterned bowl experiment....


kate et jim said...

Kinda reminds me of the time I was laying on my back under the bathroom sink fixing the plumbing and Jimbo was out in the kitchen, washing dishes!

You go Maude!

Hilary said...

I admire Maude. I'm not great at fixing things myself and electricity actually scares me.. so I'm duly impressed. I bet it'll be working before too long. Fun photos.. you and your bright idea shot in particular. :)

cookingwithgas said...

that is a number one woman you have on your hands!
I married mr. fix-it and I know I am lucky!

cookingwithgas said...

PS- great bowl!

Nicki said...

Good job, Maude!!!

I love the bowl!!!!!!!

Anna M. Branner said...

She is woman, hear her roar! :) You and my husband would get along quite well. I am the handy one about our house....just not as handy as Maude! I love the bowl too.

Unknown said...

Yay Maude! I personally won't touch electric stuff, usually because it sparks, I run away, and put Brian in charge of fixing it. I will, however, mow the lawn, change the oil in my motorcycle, and drive the big truck. :)

LOVE the new texture/pattern. :)

Gordo said...

You go, Maude! Electricity's fun stuff. :-D

Anonymous said...

when it's rainin', it's too wet to fix it and when it's dry, it's just as good as any one's roof... i see a wee little michelin man cup next to your groovy bowl

Busy Bee Suz said...

WOW. I am quite impressed with the Missus!

Unknown said...

Wow Mrs R is one clever lady, I wouldn't know where to start, hubby does that sort of stuff in our house.

Love the bowl!

Anonymous said...

Love the textured bowl but wow, go Maude!

Maybe she has some thoughts about how to fix OUR stove? It has one of those stupid digital "up-down" arrow buttons to control the thermostat in the oven and the "up" button doesn't work. This means I can only work the stove at 350 degrees.... :-(

Cheryl said...

Wow, I am very impressed! Your wife is wonderful. I too like to fix things but I admit I am nowhere near a pro but its always fun to try...hubby is only allowed to mow the lawn...although he can run a washer and dryer...I like the bowl and the mug!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

thanks all, she is a totally SPECIAL woman :)

soubriquet said...

That Maude, she's AWESOME!
Still, it was very good of you to go trip the breaker for her, that's teamwork, that is.
And her brain is functional at five in the morning.
-I'm a fixologist, I really like mending things, but at five in the morning AAAARGH! At that time of day I'd be busy sneaking back to bed, and pulling the nice warm covers over my head.

Happy Christmas, Maude, and Gary, and associated quadrupediacs!

Unknown said...

She is so clever. : ) Way to go! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet wife! I am happy you will have all your burners for Christmas!

Reverend Awesome said...

Work it out, Maude!

You're a lucky man. You know that though.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I bow in deference to her skills ... my standard MO is to yell, "Arrrrt"


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