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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SPIKE gets crafty, do YOU????

Golly, nice response yesterday :) From my side, commenters all seemed to be SMART AND SASSY women, as I guessed. THANK YOU. I am embarrassed. :)

More important things, do you get crafty? Are you artsy fartsy????? I bet you are. Many of the readers that visit here do so for that reason, sharing the creative inspirations.

The wife took these photos of Spike cat helping her sew a blouse. The wife has her mother's anique sewing machine...and her grandmother's antique sewing machine. Both in great working order. Somewhere around the house is a new machine for zig zags and things, but those ancient machines are used most of the time. She can sew anything, she is awesome that way. I think she may have first started sewing as a child, with her mother, sisters and grandmother, but there is more to it than that. I, for example, am a few years younger than she, and all kids took home ec and wood or metal shop. Wood and metal shop were FANTASTIC, to my mind. They included side doses of photo developing, drafting, tin smithing and a little ceramics--and our teachers were fantastic, really favorite classes of mine. For home ec, it was a hard job for the teachers because boys had only just started having to take home ec, and it was an uphill battle for them to get most of them to behave. Well, I remember one of the teachers we had was BABE-LI-CIOUS, so boys liked her class. I mean, BABELICIOUS. Anyway, I made, what I thought was, a FANTASTIC stuffed elephant in her class, and she only gave me a B! I will never forget that.....

ANYWAY, my wife had to fight to take wood shop in Kansas City. She and her father wrote letters to petition the school district, and she was allowed. She was the only girl in a glass of thuggish and horrible boys. Obviously, laws changed, so that within a couple of years, as in my case, we all took both.

Both the wife and I remember drawing and making things ever since we were tiny. It is the most important factor of my life, being able to create, I am so lucky!

How about you??? What art to you create, what do you like to make? Cakes and cookies, beadwork, jewelry, pottery, sculpture? Can you go to comments and:
1) when I was little I loved making.....
2) and now I like to make......


Unknown said...

I do most of the exercising of the right side of my brain in the kitchen. The appearance of my food is not always as stellar as that of some of the craftsmen you see who are chefs in restaurants. But I think you can taste the love in my food.

I also exercise the right side/creative side of my brain when I do my writing.

You know the root word of "craft" means work (German: kraft). But to me, creative work is joyful stuff.

Michèle Hastings said...

1. when i was little i loved drawing pictures... i spent hours drawing everyday... mostly pictures of people that told stories.
2. and now i like making things out of clay... as well as jewelry incorporating clay beads. i also like to bake bread & pizza!

Joyful Things said...

I have always been OCD when it comes to making things myself - pottery, clothes, dog coats and beds, quilts, drawings and paintings, soap, jewelry, hair conditioner, lip balm, bread, preserves and pickles, bowls turned on the lathe, concrete garden pieces, benches, gardens, Christmas tree decorations, knitted sweaters, wicker baskets (they are not so pretty), and on and on and on. This week I'm making a headboard for our bed, pottery, Halloween costumes, cinnamon stick Christmas reindeer and blood orange caramelized onion chutney . Focus, Joy, Focus!

Unknown said...

I have done so many crafty, artsy, things in my life I can't even name them all, also have done some really tough "Man Like" stuff, I am fearless, tenacious, and jump right in.....Weird though I only do it because I can.....I can do corporate junk, menial work, cerebral work, challenging work, and then stop and do a 180, turn and jump right into something totally different. I am truly a Renaissance Woman....Xena to be exact! hahahahhahaahaha! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

When I was little I liked to: Color. Paint. Sew.
Now, I clean and cook. :) I still love to color and paint....and I do a little bit of sewing. Not like your sweet wife...oh the sewing machines are a thing of beauty. My MIL is a seamstress and the things she can make are gorgeous!!! I've never been good on the machine, better at hand sewing.
Oh, I make some gorgeous scrapbooks for my family!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, and I never got woodworking or home ec. I wanna do-over!

gz said...

I've always drawn.
My grandmother taught me sewing, spinning and weaving, and gardening.
She failed to teach me to knit! I taught myself a dozen years later.
We had clay in junior school when I was five, but it always had to go back in the claybin at the end of class. Eight years later clay found me again!
I taught myself piecing and quilting thirty years ago, to make quilts in my spare (?!) time.

Summer said...

Crafty is not my middle name. But I do craft. It doesn't happen as much as I would like for it too, but once every few months I hit a mood and need to arrange colors.

My biggest love is bead embroidery:

But I also love working in glass:

Rarest of all, sometimes I paint, but this is really only once ever couple of years, and I am mostly unhappy with the work that comes out of it. (But I like this one)

Thankfully, there is no need to sacrifice art by choosing to go into science, which I did.

Knight said...

I don't think there is a version of artistry that i'm not into. When I was little I spent a lot of time in my grandmother's beauty shop so hair was my main outlet then. My new craft interest for the week is t-shirt weaving.

Anonymous said...

When I was little I loved drawing. I used to watch Mr.Dressup and man could that dude draw! I still enjoy it, but I have lost a lot of my ability. I always wanted to play music but my parents just weren't able to provide anything extra like that for us, so just last week I bought myself a 6 octave keyboard! Now I can make music! That makes me happy!

ps - I LOVE SPIKE! He is just like a cat I had when I was little, her name was Sugar. BESTEST CAT EVER! Tabbies rule!

k.a. barnes said...

I went through a big phase making soaps, then other little bath-time goodies. I tried quite a bit of sewing but never progressed much further than simple quilts and skirts made out of vintage aprons. I do bake quite a bit, but I guess most of my creative energy is going into writing, taking photos & dressing up my ugly wugglies.

~ Sil in Corea said...

Loved drawing and making music when I was a kid.

Now, I do a lot of drawing (on a whiteboard with wipeable markers) with my storytelling. I've a bunch of jewelry-making stuff in storage in Maine. Hope to get back to that when I return to the states.

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