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Thursday, April 14, 2011

that's the last time I go to Mexico for lunch....

OK, I woke at the usual time but in the middle of another horrific dream, so vivid. I was walking into Mexico with the wife and her sisters to have lunch, as though it was a routine thing, because we lived in El Paso or San Diego or something. (I have never been anywhere near Mexico, btw) They walked in, but there was some 'problem' with my driver's license and I was pulled aside with the woman behind me, a stranger. We were not initially scared, but the oily border guard was obsequious in that polite way that shows he is being welcoming but ...there is a problem. He escorts us down into the basement cell area, and shows us these cages, which are filthy, and big enough for a cat, and seats us at a desk near them. He says they are for the mentally ill, but we are not mentally ill, ARE WE? As if he was not sure yet...then he leaves. Then the 'good cops' come. Except they are full of questions, and we are still in this basement. Then I awoke. I s'pose that is where I should have dreamt my release or escape, but I awoke feeling pretty messed up, even physically sore head to toe, literally like I had been beaten. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid and real that it seems like I was in somebody else's head experiencing it for real. Who knows, sixth sense?
*update: found the first four leaf clover of the season whilst walking the beagle just now :)

I am pretty upset but will soon get back to my usual happy skippy self, I mean, with teapots like this in my life, who wouldn't be happy? This turquoise glaze fired in the baby kiln looks sooooo good. And so there is the baby kiln, which holds a few mugs or bowls, or 2 teapots, for example.....

(new pottery by Gary Rith)


Susan in the Boonies said...

Giving you a post dream ~pat, pat~ and a "There, there".

I can remember a time when I was struggling with vivid, terrifying dreams. It was awful.

(You're not on any new meds or anything, are you?)

Sleep better, dream sweeter.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

no, no new meds, no meds at all, excellent life, no stresses or worries, no beer to either, but, frankly, I have vivid dreams every day---just usually nice ones :)----Oh wait, I did have my first ever star fruit yesterday, really stuffed my face with it too :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Do you think they have four leaf clovers in Mexico???? Must be a lucky day Gary!

Anna said...

I'm a crazy dreamer too....and then you try to tell them and they lose something in the translation...hubby never quite gets it! ;)

cookingwithgas said...

yea- and I was loading the kiln upside down last night- very strange and I was firing take out in the containers....

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Thank God you didn't have a "Cavity Search" in your that would be traumatic to me..hahaha!
Nice Teapot, love it!

Michèle Hastings said...

it had to be weird dream night... i dreamed that i was alone in the gallery and was robbed by an old man and his middle aged daughter... their weapon was a super soaker squirt gun. but i took 'em down and got my 100 bucks back.
...and your baby kiln is even babier than mine!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That sounds like a very plausible border-crossing interaction!

kcinnova said...

That must be why I lived in El Paso for more than 4 years and never once crossed the border!
Loving the glaze on that elephant teapot -- looks like jade!

I'm not quite back to blogging yet, but life is settling down now that the house is finally on the market.

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