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Saturday, April 9, 2011

NOT Dogue's Harbor....

OK, just so you know, last summer we trade in the big wagon for the tiny silver subie, and suddenly you're like "crapola, where do we put stuff?". I mean, 99 percent of the time its good, but no way are 2 bikes going in there. We have a big thule cartop box which I use for craft fairs. I don't do many ofairs anymore, but the box holds a lot of stuff up there, like having a second trunk. ANYWAY we got a new rack system for the silver subie to mount the box...and bike racks too, I am so excited! I love my bike. I love the wife's bike. But I don't like biking in traffic as much as I like biking on the numerous car-free rail trails around here, which are a short drive away. SO, yesterday, got the rack and it was mild and so me and the bike went on a big trip to east Ithaca rail trail, etc. You always forget, over winter or what have you, how much you love your own personal roller coaster carnival ride.

Then, of course, me and the wife had heard that the excellent old inn (1835! so pretty) near us had started brewing their own beers and we had to go to Rogue's Harbor. I give it an A+ it was so good, and look at the "mugs" they serve in, more like buckets! The sat us next to the fire...tres romantique!

Everybody was staring at my hand as we left. I had a handful of fries for my dogs. Yes, dripping ketchup and goo, a fistful of fries....

The wife gave me a Human league cd this week, were they not fantabulous????


soubriquet said...

Boats: there were no boats whatsoever in this post. From the title, I expected them.

I'm so emotionally scarred by reading about beer and foot that I shall now go to the pub for a beer. Officially speaking, I'm going to the garden centre to get some houseplant feedy stuff, but the Wellington Inn's only a couple of hundred yards... well, less than a mile, away.
If I become an alcoholic it will be your fault altogether.

gz said...

No boats, but bikes!!
Looks like you had a good ride.
Do I spy a non-sus MTB? I much prefer that for track and canal path riding...I don't do the gnarly stuff!!

Michèle Hastings said...

this post makes me want to take my bike out for a ride and then have a beer :-).

Reverend Awesome said...

Nice rack! (Why hasn't someone said that yet?)

Good for you for giving the doggies ketchup! That shows how much you love your pets, right there.

That last picture of Maude is extra great. Look at her try to look annoyed while smiling. Cute.

Susan in the Boonies said...

I think it's the angle of the pictures.

The angle at which you are sitting there tipping your stein. The angle at which Penny is jumping for her treat.

They're so similar! And you both looks so excited!!!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Human League! Love it! Kasey that is funny, nice rack, hahahah awesome.
Wow chow looks really good at that place, and I agree only great dog owners know enough to include the ketchup on their dogs food. I mean sharing is sharing, right?
Super Blog....

cm said...

B and I are jealous! We were hoping to get our bikes on the road this weekend but it was grey and miserable here this morning so we slept in instead. Maybe we'll just walk to the pub. ;-)

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