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Monday, August 29, 2016

when you wonder if you are doing the right things...

I probably come across as full of bluster and self-confidence, when really I am just a wee little mouse full of self-doubts and neuroses.  As the wife tells me "you're awfully cute for someone so neurotic" …which is, um, a compliment maybe?  Just like Woody Allen...

ANYWAY, so many things can and DO go wrong in pottery (you'll find me tinkering with the pink glazes today, due to problems…) but when things go so VERY right you might just feel  like you are doing the right things after all…at least some of the time ;)

The wee teapot here is, as I have said, likely to be entered into a competition, and when I pictured it a week ago some one asked for a full-size teapot, I made 2, they came out of the kiln Sunday and it looks like both have sold already….


cm said...


Michèle Hastings said...

If we didn't have self-doubts, we might become stagnant and not grow in our work.
The teapots are lovely and how wonderful that they are sold!

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