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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

the VERY SH!TTY morning….

So for a variety of reasons, this has been a sh!tty week in a sh!tty month, with this morning being especially sh!tty.

BUT my woes are as nothing compared to the guy who just plowed into the woods next to my garage, taking out the 35 sign and flipping over twice!  My neighbor the professional firefighter and EMT was standing in his yard and raced to it, saving the man….emergency crews and an ambulance came later and it seems the injuries are not life-threatening, thanks to my neighbor's quick action plus the car airbags.

SO, just when you think things in your life suck a bit, take a look around, probably somebody else is a whole lot worse :)

(BTW, I am guessing that until the state replaces this 35 mph sign through the village that many drivers will not slow at all and perhaps there will be many more speeding accidents here….)


Michèle Hastings said...

I feel your pain. This has been the month of BIG bills for me. Just when you think you are getting ahead...

But you are right. Things could be worse.

Karen Jensen said...

Wowz. What a day!

smartcat said...

What's going on in the world? I'm doing all I can do to not have a pity party all over my blog......which would be embarrassing and have to be taken down.
The crash victim sounds like a very lucky fellow indeed.
Toes crossed that things get better for you.

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