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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NOT a cat on a hot tin roof...

…a beagle breakdancing on a hot front yard….

SO, as I said yesterday, I had an IV iron treatment for anemia yesterday, get another on Friday (I didn't know I would get a chance to get a pic…next time :)  It is brown liquid pumped straight into my arm for 45 minutes.  I felt pretty run down all yesterday but was suddenly hit with superpowers in the evening.  I had wondered about that:  will getting the iron for energy strike at the WRONG TIME?  It is supposed to last 3 months, so you figure there will be an adjustment followed by a new normal…I just don't need a new normal (feeling ALIVE!) at midnight :)

But then I dreamed…I played football in my high school once again (I did, believe it or not, for 3 years) but this time instead of losing all the time we were state champs….

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