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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A winery on a lake, what's not to love????

The wife and I have enjoyed Lamoureaux Landing dry riesling for a few years…from grapes grown and pressed on Seneca Lake, one lake over from our Cayuga.  The stuff is wicked terrific, and I had seen photos of the winery (there are maybe over 100 wineries within 100 miles of us) and it looked SO beautiful.  Like, if I had a lot of class and taste and money and designed a winery, THAT is what it would look like.  It isn't very far away, and so we finally got over there….

2 things…it was almost 100 degrees, VERY rare for us, very hot, with all the humidity, and the lakeshore was a lot cooler.  2nd:  when we got there, about a thousand, so it seemed to shy, introvert me, 22 year old women in little dresses were flitting about.  I tell the wife

"If this is a wedding, I am LEAVING" but it wasn't, and THEY were leaving.  There were still plenty of other people around tasting and such, but we quickly realized that it had been a large group (groups???) of sorority sisters from Cornell getting taken around in limos to wineries to get blotto.

The setting is stunning.  Grapes and solar panels line the hillside down to Seneca Lake.  The winery, tasting and sales room are all in this perfect building.  The dry riesling is very popular and sold in stores all around, which is how we got to know it, but they have a LOT of other varieties I didn't know about.  I filled my little box with moscato (I have no idea what it will be like, I was driving and the tasting will be at home), chardonnay, chardonnay reserve (!) AND unoaked chardonnay (?) and, of course, the dry riesling.

Everybody was inside whooping it up, and we asked if they minded us poking around.  They did not, ("Just don't touch anything!") so we wandered, in and out.  It is a very small winery, really, and it all happens in a place the size of a large house…..

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Anonymous said...

Stunning! What a cool place to visit--you should move in and take it over--set up shop there;)

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