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Friday, August 12, 2016

and so the kiln is fixed…again...

(step one:  unplug that thing!)

A couple of years ago, it seemed mysterious, until I realized the kiln had been working overtime for a while:  one after the other, over the course of a few months, the 4 elements all burned out and I replaced them.  Again this year, March and June I had to replace 2 of the replacements, and I had a misfire Wednesday, and surprise! Another element needed replacing…you imagine in a month or 2 the 4th will go, right?  Just like a lamp with 4 bulbs.  EXACTLY like a lamp with 4 bulbs--kiln elements burn out after a while.

It is not as easy to replace elements on a kiln as replacing a light bulb, but not too difficult.  You can see below the burned looking spot, it marked the brick that holds the elements (I love how L and L electric kilns have these hard brick REPLACEABLE element holders, brilliant).  So, I had to tear out the old element, the brick it melted into and then get it connected and tested…and I did so by 9 am Thursday and got the kiln properly fired by the end of the afternoon, right on time :)

New element on the left with the new element holder, on the right removed element and holder...

Below, the connections….

Later:  red hot, firing correctly :)

1 comment:

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'd be worried that I'd start a fire or something where it didn't belong. Go, you!

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