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Thursday, August 18, 2016

that HOLY CATS glaze combo

You may recall last year Mike and Sandra's granddaughter Tori was over in my studio messing around, and wanted to glaze her piece in colors I hadn't used in awhile (but that Mother Nature loves to use all the time) purple and green. AND WHAT a combo these 2 make, going all NUTS where they overlap, I am so glad she reminded me.  I have like 18 glazes, and am also forgetful….

I made this teapot the other day and thought long and hard (amazing how much time you can spend on a little thing…) about the glaze combo for it, difficult because of the wavy groovy surface…thought of this or that and then AH HA! Again, I needed to remember the awesomeness of this purple and green...

SO, like I say, I am entering a competition this month in an exquisite small show…this will likely be one of the 3 entires (still thinking) and it is the size of a baseball….

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