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Monday, June 10, 2013

without the wife around to dress me, do I look like an idiot?

Probably!  She is one of those "black belt goes with black shoes, brown belt with brown shoes" types of people.  I walked around all day and realized I was wearing brown pants and black shoes, what would she say??????

PITA, what does it mean to you?  NO, it is not the animal rights group, and sure, in the right context it can mean PAIN IN THE AZZ or ankle as the wife puts it, politely...but really, what I mean is the little mid-eastern flatbreads, the pocket things, right?  I wanted to make whole wheat pitas in a regular oven, and thanks to the interwebs, of course there is a variety of good recipes out there!  Oh man, if you are used to making bread and pizza from scratch, MAKE pitas!  Its really easy....some recipes are easier than this one, but I find this one reliable  and plenty easy

What is the value of a pita, you ask?  WELL, there are sandwiches and wraps and pocket sandwiches, of course, and since a recipe like this makes 8-10 pitas which can be saved, there is, as many parents might know, PIZZA in the blink of an eye.

I student taught in college in the pre-k and kindergarten.  The kindergarten kids who stayed all day (just a few, most were only morning for that little school) made their own lunch.  (NEVER WILL I TOUCH apple juice again...they loved it, they mixed it from concentrate so that it was like syrup).  They liked tuna fish too (I never did like fish of any kind, and well, I am veg anyway) and I can remember the gag inducing moments of finding play dough or crayons in the communal tuna fish.

BUT their favorite?  It was also our favorite when the wife and I moved here and had no idea where our cooking stuff was packed:  pita pizzas! Or with an English muffin or bagel!
Any kindergarten kid could scoop out some sauce onto a pita, lay on a little topping, then cheese, then into the oven on a cookie sheet for a few minutes, and everybody has their own custom pizza!
THAT is why you want to have a bag of pitas sitting around, and if you want to top it with play dough, go nuts.

BONUS:  I made hummus too, which I like almost as much as peanut butter! So easy! Recipe follows****

That sandwich for dinner was stuffed with hummus, grated carrot, diced red bell pepper and 2 kinds of olives, yum!

****hummus Gary style

-drain and rinse a 14-16 oz can of chickpeas, set them into a sauce pan covered with water and boil and simmer at least 20 minutes.  Don't fart around with this (haha! don't fart around! as any vegetarian will tell you, if you prepare beans correctly, you will be no more farty than the general public is....but GOOD GOLLY the people who make hummus that is more like wood chips can certainly guarentee their guests an evening of gas----I have rarely seen anybody's recipe for hummus that boils canned chickpeas, they just chop them as is...believe me, go the extra boiling step for marital and personal happiness)
-let the chickpeas cool or rinse them in cold water
-toss them in the blender or food processor with:
-tbs each of tahini, lemon juice, olive oil
-spice, like cumin, hot pepper flakes, basil, black pepper, tabasco--I am low salt, and find that tabasco is enough added salt
-grind the mix up, adding a little water from time to time to get a nice mix, that is IT!  some people add more oil or lemon or tahini, but whatever....


Michèle Hastings said...

homemade pita bread... I was looking at recipes online just a few weeks ago. you have inspired me to give it a try (with homemade hummus of course).

Anonymous said...

D became a HUGE pita fan when he went on his diet this spring. I like that bread just because it changes up the sandwich game around here. Maybe I should try those pizzas.

Lori Buff said...

We don't boil the chickpeas but we do take the time (and it doesn't take long) to slip the skins off of them. It's an important step to making delicious hummus. I think I'll try the boil too, it sounds like a good idea.

Barbara Rogers said...

You are too kind...pizzas and fart=less hummus. I love considering foods like this before I'm fully awake.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I enjoy a nice pita too (with tuna? yes, sorry!)
I'm kind of shocked that you wore black and brown all day. Geeze Gary, what will the neighbors say???

Mage said...

That really looks good. :)

Catherine said...

Recipe looks good. Can anyone tell me if they know of a brand of tahini that is peanut and nut free?
Gary, if you wear an apron over the belt, no one can see whether or not it matches the shoes....

smalltownme said...

That's a great sandwich!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oooh that pita looks awesome! Thanks for the tip on boiling the chick peas. I'll have to try that next time.

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