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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

not very fat, not very rich....

I was dreaming just now that I was with a group of people at a restaurant.  We ordered, water, fruit and a muffin were served...and then we waited...and waited....and when our backs were turned, the muffins and fruit got taken away and we were treated like customers who have already eaten and the restaurant wished we would go away.  2 hours went by...and finally we were served...sure, I am famous as an impatient person, but to dream about waiting?  It IS true that I do not like table service.  Places with a counter suit me better:  you walk up, glance at the board, make an order, pay up, get the food, sit down! Toss change into the tips jar, all done....
It is also true that as a very good cook, if I may say, married to another good cook, dining out is not frequent and it BETTER BE GOOD.  Research!  There are times we deconstruct what we have enjoyed....

ANYWAY.  We were out at the party Saturday and come home with a doggy bag of brownies for the wife....I cannot touch unidentified baked goods unless I know there is no dairy in there.
So the wife gets them all!
I was jealous.
I was in the mood to find a new gluten-free, vegan brownie, and holy CATS did I find a recipe I like, tres simple! 
It is made, in summary, with oat flour, peanut butter and yogurt (soy or whatever if you are dairy-free) and a lot of chocolate.  It is NOT sweet and not fattening know how a dark chocolate bar is not very sugary or butterfatty?  These are like a dark chocolate bar, mmmmm...I gave some to a neighbor and her daughter and I think the little girl would be surprised--kids are used to more sugar I think, but they are the best brownies I have ever made, for MY taste!


I visited my buddy Kerry yesterday with Penny at the senior center....Penny gets A LOT of treats there, and she brought my baked treats for Kerry...


smartcat said...

We actually had a real life restaurant experience akin to your dream!
Brownies for tea! You and Penny are definitely sweethearts!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Those look super delish. I love brownies made in a muffin tin! So much more crunchy/chewy edge to enjoy.

Michèle Hastings said...

dark chocolatey goodness!

bartster said...

Do you find it difficult to bake and cook during the summer with hot weather and the 'call of the outdoors'?

Lori Buff said...

Those look really good, I pinned the recipe. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I never thought to make brownies that way--I am 100% an outer edge gal, too!

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