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Friday, June 7, 2013

the BEST little gems

Let's start with a haiku, hmm?

And my wife is off
To see cousins and party down
While I stay home....
Cleaning the garage.
The dog vomited in bed
At four ten a.m.

Without thinking, I made enough chili and noodles to last an army a lifetime...I may be bored at mealtime this weekend....

Talking about little gems!  This teapot is a little gem.  Teapots in today's header are all little gems.  I actually made plates yesterday for US--NOT little gems.  Well, the small one is maybe.  My favorite work, as you hear me say, is to make a cute little thing with a fun shape and cute sculpture and great color...and it always takes a long morning of fiddling to make such things.  Plates, as the potter I apprenticed to will tell you, are as easy to make as falling off a log.  But to me, oh soooo boring....well, not boring if I am making them for US.  Then it is a treat...

I remember summer of 1979 we went on a loooooong driving trip all over the east plus the ocean in 2 states and finally up to far northern Maine.  I was always waiting for my favorite song of that summer to pop up on the radio, the Stone's Emotional Rescue, still a favorite.
Two years ago it was Fitz and the Tantrums.  It is STILL a thrill when you realize it is summer and gorgeous and you love one song they keep playing on the car radio and you will always love that song like you love summer.
These songs are little gems!
I realized day before yesterday when it was a PERFECT sunny day that I have my song of the summer.



Anonymous said...

Plates are easy to make? I wouldn't know.
But a dog throwing up sounds as awful as cleaning a garage. Peace to you this weekend!

Lori Buff said...

My high school pottery teacher taught me about little gems. I always strive for that when I'm making something small.
Your teapots are such fun.

bartster said...

The elephants on the teapots have such a joyous and childlike quality to them. The tea parties one could have with such fun pottery! Hope Penny's feeling OK this morning.

Barbara Rogers said...

Only you, Gary, could Haiku from Penny's barf. Keep on making little gems...then plates, then little gems...then plates. ???

Michèle Hastings said...

I made plates yesterday... yep, easy to crank out a few in no time. I will slip and carve them to make them interesting.

Great song!

smalltownme said...

Good music! I bet my son will pick all our road trip music.

~ Sil in Corea said...

Love that Bass! Sets me dancing every time. ;-)

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