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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

time warp Tuesday: ninety 3 to ninety 5!

We can probably all agree that I am better off without the 'stache, which I foolishly sported from 1993-2003.  The wife was too polite to ever say anything, but women like them?  I doubt it.

ANYWAY, had been poking through the old box and found these gems! Not told in order, but some intersecting stories here....

The wife still has this tee and wears it.  Heck, even I wear it!  This is her on our back porch in Chicago around 1993.

We taught at a boarding school in Massachusetts for 3 years.  24/7 with the offspring of the very rich!  Is it any wonder WE NEVER HAD KIDS?  Kidding...kidding ;)
Maybe not.  I mean, we knew better than most how hard raising kids is, right?
Our dog Jack here, seen as a puppy later in these pics, was born in the kitchen of one of the other faculty's apartments...which is a very prep school experience....he was an utterly sweet and wonderful dog, of course, and passed away a couple years ago just before his 13th birthday...there were ten puppies born that fall, and we kept in touch with some of those others...

Summer 1995, I was a dorm parent with 8 girls and another female faculty member upstairs with them...they were wonderful kids.  They were replaced in the fall by 8 nasty and horrible boys, just wretched, drug abusing juvenile delinquents!  REALLY!  One big bust was an especially dislikeable boy tossing his used bottle of mary jane tea out the window into the snow....where I was walking the dog.  His family had a LOT of influence (cash!) and he spent a term in rehab and returned to graduate....another bust was I caught 5 of the 8 drinking a jug of Absolut one afternoon...the headmaster didn't like some of those boys and they were kicked out.  One of the things you realize about prep schools is, at least 20 years ago, is a)  that there is a great education for the kids, the best but b)  very few of the kids want to be there*, many have to because of wealthy families who have divorced OR c) the kids are bad and messed up in their previous school--there is a lot of, um, er, TRANSFERS of kids from one school to another, because for the money kids can get a second chance...usually downward.  Our school was like 3 down on a scale of schools.  1 being the Grotons and Andovers, the very best prep schools with the smartest and most motivated kids from those schools kicked out might end up at our kicked out of ours had plenty of others down the line to choose from.... d)  there is a lot more secks and drugs and rock and roll in the prep school world than you might realize and e)* YES, overall, for most kids they are wonderful, they learn a lot, they go to a great college, but there is this whole unspoken part too, right?  many kids like prep school and love it, but........

When we taught there, as I said, we got Jack the puppy, also had Petey, Emily kitten and Sam cat.

Me. 'stache, Chicago '93...

1994 when we lived in Chicago, just before we moved to that school in Mass:  this is how we knew our neighborhood then and there and NOW too!  You walk your dog, you meet all these other wonderful people walking around every day!


bartster said...

Quite a memoir! Thanks for posting this. I too wore a moustache (on and off) during that same time frame. Now and again I grow out a little stache and beard to see how gray they are. I'm thinking of growing them out when all the whiskers are snow white:)

Lori Buff said...

We read stories like this about kids that HATE being in school and others about poor kids living in horrible poverty that have to use dirt as their paper and are still so happy and excited to go to school. Makes you wonder.

Knight said...

I love the stache Gary. Sometimes you just have to switch it up a little.

Anonymous said...

How cool for you to have the facial hair option. Mr. D does not. He grows what we call "Apache" hair. "A patch-y here, a patch-y there..."
When I was in HS we lived across the lake from a very exclusive Jewish boys summer camp. Same kind of story there as you suggest in the private school territory. And rather sad for so many of those boys.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

You're really rocking the time warp Tuesdays!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow about the prep school. In our town there is a private school that costs about 25k a year to attend. They seem to have the worst drug problems because all the kids can afford them. Yikes.
LOL @ the stache. I was wondering if I liked them, then I was wondering if my husband has one or not?!? Isn't it funny that I can't remember. I'll be sure to check when he gets home.
Love all the critters from your past.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I love that you are keeping up with the TWT. I'm too swamped right now to keep up but I'll be back! (said in my best Schwarzenegger impression)
Our school in VA was in a wealthy part of the county (continuously one of the wealthiest in the nation) and while there was no gang activity (far from DC) there were some drug problems with kids who had plenty of access to money and parents who were always gone earning more. Our kids don't stand a chance: parents who don't have extra money but are always around!

That is an awesome pic with Jack as a young pup.

Janet said...

Hey! I spy a shiba!!!

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