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Thursday, June 13, 2013

your own personal CHRISTMAS/BIRTHday PARTY!

The wife goes out of town and sh!t happens!  Like, I break a favorite breakfast plate of mine.  OOPS.  So, I made another, a bit like it, and since I was rolling, made a serving/dinner plate too.  They came outta the kiln and went STRAIGHT TO THE TABLE.  Can you imagine, Tuesday the items are 2200 degrees inside the kiln, Wednesday they are room temp and covered with pad Thai? THAT is the fun of being a potter...
you can see the wife is home and looking MAH-VELOUS!  My pad Thai, peanut sauce and roasted carrots and onions look pretty darn mah-velous too, don't they?  Don't you wish you had been lucky enough to marry ME????

In OTHER news, some other delightful things came outta the kiln Wednesday.  The header today shows a favorite style of mine.  Just a nice spring green with .... well, simple designs for me, we could say "Japanese-art-nouveau inspired style".  I like the scalloped edge bowl s, which stack together nicely, whatta set, huh??? Have a great Thursday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Seeing you holding them all stacked together gives me a better sense of the size and proportions...they look great!

Janet said...

I love how they all fit together!

smartcat said...

Who's that pretty lady....could it be...???
Like those bowls.....form, the way they stack, color. You do have a way with greens.

Anonymous said...

OH! Those bowls!
(Yes, your wife is a very lucky lady...tell her so!)

Stacey B said...

Oh man I want those bowls!!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oh how you tempt me with those bowls! I have a thing for mixing bowls in general and nesting mixing bowls in particular. Lovely, lovely pic of your wife. The table full of food doesn't look too bad either! :)

Catherine said...

Love them!! Doesn't food always taste better when you eat out of a pretty bowl or plate? You have great talent.

Amy said...

wow, the amazing thing is that they stack together so well. THAT looks difficult to do! they're beautiful.

smalltownme said...

You have a beautiful life in every aspect. Lucky man!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Great work, Gary, and yes, M looks GORGEOUS!

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