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Monday, June 24, 2013

here in my car....

I had made 2 car cups and put them up for sale on my etsy gallery and they both sold in an hour, so I made some more...they take forever to construct, but I love THEM!  Naturally, I figured I should try making car BOWLS!
Hey, question, I am badly behind on visiting all YOUR blobs lately, but what does this mean, google reader is closing????

Stuff drying, car bowls and other experiments...I was biking and huge thunderclouds came rolling along and I raced home just in time to get them inside PLUS my laundry!


smartcat said...

Cars and cars! These are terrific. Pretty soon you'll be wearing another guy!
I'm an idiot over this google thing. I do know there will be a three month, July through September, period to find a new reader. I think (but am not sure) the rss feed will be gone. Mariette over on http://mariettesbackto ( Scroll down to the june 22 posting.) She does step by step instructions that look clear and concise. I don't use my rss fees a lot but will probably switch as I am sure that if I let it go I will need it posthaste!

Lori Buff said...

Great cars Gary.

I think it means that if you use google reader you have to find some other way to read your blogs. I normally just click on the links from my blog sidebar, I don't think that is going away.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That's ingenius. I can see why they sold so quickly!

Hilary said...

A potter pun! How cool is that!

Yes, Google Reader is disappearing. Try Feedly (Google it) to pull in all of the blogs you're currently reading on Google Reader. Best to do it before it shuts down. Bloglovin is another decent option.. so I hear. I'm sticking with Feedly for now.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I switched over to Feedly a few weeks ago. I'm still mad at Google for making me adjust to change. *sigh*

No surprise that those car cups sold so fast!

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