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Sunday, June 2, 2013

chickensit: a new one on the resume....

You will recall that I have somehow gotten into the business of professional DOG WALKER with a sideline in cat sitting, all of which I think is hilarious!  People hire me with their pets.  I should be writing THEM checks!
OK, here's a new one, Paul and Julie needed someone to babysit their CHICKENS.  I know nothing about chickens, but this was an easy gig.  So easy I don't even want to go into details, but let's just say I PERFORMED MY DUTIES WITH GREAT SKILL.
Alright, I can admit:  the job was close them in at night, let them out in the morning.
Paul and Julie live around the corner.  Its one of those things you can multitask, as in do the chicken job while walking the dog and talking with the wife on the way to the post office...
Paul was like "They're really dumb.  It gets dark and they go in.  You close the door like this.  Next morning, you open the door and they come out."  Easiest YET most exotic pet job yet...

Friday we went over at twilight, wondering if there would be an hour long wait until they finally went in.  They are all beautiful, and do I say this?  Friendly?  They do have this attitude of "what's in it for ME?" probably because humans normally mean corn (they had plenty).  So we all said was SO cool, one chicken flies up onto the ramp to the coop.  Sort of a one foot jump with wings.  Moments later, another looks around, does the wing-fly-jump and goes in.  LAST was this black sheep of the bunch, this juvenile delinquent, who dawdled and finally went inside.  CLICK!  Door shut, all done.  I am soooo glad we were able to watch them in action.  Next morning they were glad to see us and we realized, knowing nothing about chickens, that one of the black ones might be a boy?  A rooster?  Is that what red head gear means?????

Today I am back to the old routine, with Puffy the cat.... have a great Sunday!


cookingwithgas said...

You have many talents.
I would not be surprised if this leads you to new and better things.
I keep telling Mark that if we move I plan to become a dog walker.

Janet said...

Lol I love your adventures in pet sitting!

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my, you are in for it about those fish neighbors have? And maybe a lizzard or two>?

Michèle Hastings said...

I had my chickens trained to go in at night too. It saved their little lives from raccoons. Occasionally it would be 10:00 at night and we would here squawking... OH NO, we forgot to shut the door! I had have to make a mad dash out to the backyard to save them.

smalltownme said...

They are pretty!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think chickens are pretty cool....but I TOO don't know anything about them. I DO know that Lolo is begging for us to get them as pets!

BSOB said...

What did Penny think of the chickens? She looked pretty curious

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Isn't it the rooster's job to be sure all the other chickens go into the coop? Or am I just making that up? They sure look like nice chickens!

Hilary said...

Oh you're actually looking after them. And here, I thought you just omitted the H in Chickensit. ;)

Anonymous said...

It was THAT easy? What a gig!

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