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Friday, February 26, 2010

"you're like a POTTERY ROCK STAR"

So, you know, we're down at the Chapterhouse Bar with the beers, per usual on Friday afternoon, and Tommy and the missus and me are messing with the camera, and this stranger comes up (the Chapterhouse is a super friendly place) and sez she'll take our picture:
"I always have time to take pictures of the famous potter" and I am like
"Who are YOU?" and she sez something about my elephants, my mugs and looking me up online and I must admit I lost track of the convo there but I introduce us all and then she is like
"Yeah, I drive past you walking your dogs all the time too!" and she is wonderfully nice and moves off with her pals and Tommy turns to me
"wow, you're like a POTTERY ROCK STAR!"
Anyway, in case you were wondering, across from the Chapterhouse Bar is this creek at the bottom of a gorge which is hundreds of feet deep. You will see it here, including a tiny little bridge way down there, and a boatload of snow.....


Gallow said...

Rock on!!!

Cheryl said...

Can I please have your autograph? Love the snow photos, very pretty with the little bridge.

kate et jim said...

Ah ~ so Celeste was hanging out, eh??? ;)

I wondered where she's been lately.

Hilary said...

You're famous!

What a pretty area!

fiwa said...

And I would say "Of COURSE you're a pottery rock star!" and you've got the black & gold jacket and plum cords to prove it. ;)

Beth said...

Whoo-ooo, Gary!!! :D But, hey, don't let the fame go to your head, eh??

LOVE to pics of the gorge!! Man, you are making me homesick for where I grew up! (Snowbelt NW PA).

Anonymous said...

damn, i missed it again! not sure about this kind of fame... she knows where you live. just kidding, i'm always surprised when i meet someone for the first time and they know all about the blog.

Reverend Awesome said...

Well fuck yes you are!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Cheryl, I have his autograph! :-D

GR, You ARE a potter Rock Star. Even my peeps in S. TX are like, "That's the pottery guy, right?" :-)

And, yes, they've all seen my 4 cup coffee mugs!

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