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Friday, February 26, 2010

More teapot JOY! More snow JOY!

SO, as I have said, I have been making zillions of these little one and 2 cup teapot experiments which is such a fun exercise I may never go back to full size (that is not true). I have developed a theory: Beagles come in 2 sizes, 15 inch which are the most common, and the much smaller 13 inch size. Whereas a beagle is cute, if you make it SMALLER it is MUCH cuter. Like my Penny. Here in the snow last night.
At that point, according to my neighbor and his ruler, we had 15 inches of snow. We shoveled. This morning there seems to be at least another 12-24 inches on my porch. I could only push my door open a few inches to let the dogs out, the snow is blocking the dooor closed. They couldn't go more than a couple of feet, and did their business right there in the snow on the porch....

Remember the early 00s when the Killers came on the radio and kicked AZZ? Before their cute boy singer grew a beard and their music went down the tubes? Dig some awesome stuff from their beginning....


Unknown said...

Those are super cute little teapots. Every time you post a pic of one, I'm singing the teapot song in my head. :)

Poor Pennster... her little belly must get cold.

kate et jim said...

Glad we're sharing the snow, Gary. A little more than 2 feet here and another 6-8 expected. Couldn't get the front door open here either and the dogs...well, trying to get them out on to the deck and down the steps was something else!

Do you think this will melt by June??? ;)

kate et jim said...

That's 6-8 inches...ha!

ang design said...

cool, the killers, i dont see clips these days i dont think i wake up early enough for them sat mornings...heheh...aww beagles sooo cute...

Gordo said...

The snow we got is more rain that forzen stuff. Kind of falling slush, but at least it's only 2-3" of it.

Penny doesn't look too happy in that second picture. How's Buster getting along?

fiwa said...

I love those black teapots! Beautiful stuff!

Penny looks like she's not so crazy about the snow. The dogs look like their having a conference about about the weather like coworkers would around the water cooler. ;)

gz said...

I've always made teapots this size too- fun to make, customers like them and fun to use!

Unknown said...

I love those teapots!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Love the teapots. The dogs must be getting weary of all the snow. I would stop on the porch too, if I had to go outside all the time!

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