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Thursday, February 11, 2010

BIG super dooper day

I was dreaming last night that I was zipping around on a lake on a jet ski. I have never been on one nor have I wanted to go on one (I am a total scaredey cat about boats, speed, and barrucudas and pirrahnahs and water moccasins, not there are any of those around here, but I don't push my luck--and I don't walk on frozen lakes either) and I woke up and I am wondering WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? And maybe it has something to do with the video below. I'd like to work up the courage to ride a horse though. You didn't know that about me, did you, that like when Lucy asks Charlie Brown what his phobias are and he has ALL the phobias---that's me too. Scared of everything. No I'm not. Yes I am.

ANYWAY, yesterday was a most good day until the very end. When the kiln crapped out darnitall. At least it had finished a bisque, close enough. My kiln likes to break down (don't ever buy a kiln from the company whose name rhymes with TARRAGON and starts with a P) but it has worked well for about a year so I figured it was due to break. Probably needs new elements or relay somewhere in there. I have to tear it apart. Sigh.
I have these teapots here. The spring green one just came out of the kiln, I loved the bluish one so much I wanted to make MOREMOREMORE like it. So I did. I also need a photo, or I should say photos, for the upcoming art trail thingy so I was thinking a pic of a pair of dynamic teapots would be cool.
LASTLY, my first class up the Cornell University Pot Shop starts today. Advanced. I seem to always teach Thursdays at 4, and I have people taking the class from me again like Sofia and Carol. I usually just use the same lesson plans each semester, but I don't wanna bore these guys. Somewhere on my desk there is a scrap of paper where I laid out all my new lessons for this class. I better find it. And figure out what we are doing today, for example.
I havn't been outta the house for a couple of days. I am thinking I might wear my Cat in the hat tee. That'll show the world.....

(teapots by Gary Rith)


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I was going to send this to you, since you don't have a TV- I love the tattoo!

denis said...

sorry about your kiln. it's a good thing you know how to fix it.

have fun in class.

Unknown said...

Stupid kiln. Why does it seem they break right when you don't want them to... oh wait, you NEVER want them to break. *grumble*

I like the video. Get down, Senor Sock.

Anna M. Branner said...

I was going to send you that video too! :) I agree with Nancy, I think Georges needs a tattoo! Oui?

Anonymous said...

i saw that commercial and thought of you immediately, it seems that everyone did. in certain circles i guess, when people think about sock monkeys, they think about georges

Anonymous said...

Gary, I love the glaze on those teapots.

Nicki said...

So, is there a spring Art Trail coming up?

Busy Bee Suz said...

You crack me up...I hope you wear the T and SHOW 'EM Who is boss!!!
I love that commercial...have not see it until now.
have fun today!!!

fiwa said...

Oh - cat in the hat! love it. I wear my speed racer shirt to show em who's boss.

Happy first day of class. I love the glaze on the tea pots!


Barbara said...

And you wonder where that dream came from? I might have to turn off the DVR and start watching commercials again. That is Funny! The teapot glazes are dreamy and good luck finding your paper scraps but you know they'll love whatever you come up with . . .

Lori Buff said...

Georges definitely needs a tat.

Susan as Herself said...

Everytime I see the Kia commercial I think of Georges.

Hope you can fix the kiln without a hitch!!!

laura weant johnson said...

love the teapots!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

The last pic with the green tea pot with the blue drizzle down the side is my FAVO! (Uh, why did it get put in the back.... It's the purdiest, ya know!) LOL!

Way to go big GR!

Psssst, still no Shiner Bock available in NY? A friend and I might be working a tad bit on that one for ya!

And, that's all the hint you this point. :-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh, and Jet Skis are safer than horses...if you follow the rules. Though, I kinda find horses more fun; but definitely dangerous.

My MIL is an experienced horse person but one threw her as in "PITCHED HER IN THE AIR" two years ago this month. Five broken ribs, one in two places and a punctured lung. Es no bueno, senor! ;-)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

FW didn't exactly make you want to ride, did she?

I think my Kia Sedona needs a sock monkey. Does Georges have a friend to recommend?

Cheryl said...

The teapots are wonderful! Oh and the commercial...haha...the minute I saw it the other night I too thought of you and Georges! Seriously it is a good one.

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