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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Georges thinks he is Patrick (or Demi?) in Ghost

Yesterday there is a knock at the studio door, and my houseguest Georges Le Soq who had been out partying till 3 is finally awake, and he comes in and is like
"mon ami, zees pottery, I can do zees" and I am like
"REALLY???" and he is like
"certainement, le wheel spins, you make zee bowl, eees EASY" and so he puts on the music and I was like I HAVE GOT to video this....


Unknown said...

Georges is very good at that, a pro! His little socky hands double as chamois? :)

Land of shimp said...

Georges is a natural. Why, at times, I could have sworn that he wasn't even touching the bowl! He was bending it to his will with the sheer force of his mind. He's just that talented, really.

Anonymous said...

pretty funny amigo... maybe georges is just and overgrown chamois?

Jay said...

I'm starting to think that maybe you should get out more. LOL ;-)

Kim Hines said...

i'm wondering what your wife thinks about you hanging out all day w/ a sock monkey lol

Busy Bee Suz said...

What in the world is he doing staying up till 3 am??

Trish said... and sir Georges just crack me up! hahah.a goood morning chuckle..:) thank you!

Happy Day! Trish

denis said...

after having partied all night did georges do this with a hangover???

Susan as Herself said...

I think Georges might need an intervention... and perhaps a new life where he goes to bed early and abstains from the extrememes of the human condition.

Reverend Awesome said...

Ditto, Georges.

Cheryl said...

And this is after partying all night?? Georges is great!

Unknown said...

That monkey is soo talented!

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