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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Amongst other dreams, found myself on a hot summer day jumping off huge sand dunes into cool water....which could happen in about 6 months. February is a little tiresome at times....
OK, pal Norah tells me that she has a friend who got a baby mug from me years ago BUT the husband broke the baby and had mentioned it to Norah and she said 'hey, I know the guy who made that!' and she introduces us and I make these 2 gorgeous mugs.
I meet the dude yesterday. The details of the story are like this:
2 years ago I was selling some pots at a sale and his wife was out shopping and hugely pregnant and she bought some items from me, and I was like 'HERE, take this baby mug as a gift---the pregnant lady really should have it' and apparently she was immensely pleased.
Shortly after the baby is born, the husband breaks the baby mug and the wife just dissolves in TEARS. Sounds like she really liked that mug. Months go by, and as I say, through happenstance the husband finds me through Norah.
Yesterday I ask him which mug he would like.
He tells me he better get one plus a spare. Just in case :) I tell him he will be the hero of the day.

(Baby Herman from ROGER RABBIT and mugs by Gary Rith)

I was looking at PINK beating the crapola out of her boyfriend who wants to leave her. My wife found it appalling, I found it funny, but anyway, here's a great tune where she isn't really beating on anyone. The woman is spirited wouldn't you say?


Kim Hines said...

as i sit here typing this, i'm listening to this song for the 3rd time - you've got my 3yo son fascinated w/ pink now and the little scamp keeps wanting me to "play it again". thanks alot. lol. he's already doing the countdown and i'll be sing this song all day. nothing like evil clowns to start your day. now thee song ends and i hear "can you do that song again?" and here comes my 6yo daughter "i want to hear". thanks alot gary...

Lori Buff said...

Sweet story

Unknown said...

I love P!nk. I think she's halfway crazy, but I dig angry girl music. When I played this for Brian, he asked "How many packs of Marlboro's does she smoke to sound like that?"... well, I did some research and she doesn't smoke at all... she grows/eats all organic, runs and hour every day and does yoga!

Reverend Awesome said...

I'm in Maude's camp as far as Pink goes.

I watched her True Hollywood Story. She told a pretty interesting/gross story about how she got her name. Since the comments say I can cuss I will deem this okay to say: She said that a black guy kept asking to see her lady parts and she finally showed him and he couldn't believe it was pink. She could have been joking. I guess?

Other times she says it's from Resevoir Dogs.

shrink on the couch said...

Norah may have saved a marriage! Excellent story. And looking at these adorable mugs, I can understand the pregnant woman's tears.

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