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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


OK, here's a story you won't believe. Keep reading....
(me doing that ZOOLANDER thang)

Alright, so last week? My kiln craps out, right????? I am able to fix it and it fires correctly twice then today its all loaded and ready to fire to 2200 degrees today, BUT THE ALARM goes off at 8am when the kiln reaches 700 degrees, DAMMITALL!
I am cursing, I am cussing, only thing to do is unplug, let it cool, take it apart later and fix whatever is broken NOW. But I have no time to fire the kiln Thurs-Sunday, I needed to fire it today and go to the store tomorrow etc. But I get this flash of inspiration, and tell the wife that early today I can go to the store instead, and if she comes along before work (this being her birthday week) I can drop her at her favorite second hand store for 45 mins or so. And I do.

I return and she is like "which brown skirt do you like?" which is like the KISS OF DEATH to a husband--I mean, who cares what I think, husbands have to sort of nod and smile and let the wife decide----except in this case it was easy.
"Look honey, this one looks OK, but that one is babysh!t brown. Get the un-babysh!t brown skirt" and she sees the logic of that, and we go to the register.
And there, shining brightly behind the check out is THE MOST GORGEOUS leather jacket you have ever seen in your life and I see the tag sez COACH and XS, the wife being tiny: and I say to the lady
"hold on a sec with the skirt, can my wife try on that jacket?" it being her birthday week and all and we step over to the side, and the lady sez
"there are more over there"
but this one is SO BEAUTIFUL and close to brand new and a PERFECT FIT and a PERFECT STYLE but we go look at the others and I am like
"holy shirt, lookit those men's raspberry colored Levis!!!!!!!!!! MY SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
and we go up to the register AGAIN and get the 2 dollar skirt, the 4 dollar RASPBERRY COLORED LEVIS for me and the not-exactly-free-but-fantastic-price leather jacket and empty out or wallets and off we go....
and then Georges and Jacques Le Soq are all over me. Georges is like
"mon ami, get zee gold jacket, I try on dese pants" and he does and I am like
"HA! I don't have to share with you, they are TOO BIG!" and since the wife isn't around, he grabs the leather jacket and puts it on and I am like "HAHA she doesn't have to share her jacket either!!!" and Georges is like
"MERDE! Dese greedy Americans...."

I got these boys TOPPED....


Reverend Awesome said...

Georges giant friend looks ridiculous in those pants. You on the other hand are totally rocking the raspberry.

kate et jim said...

I'm glad to see you're treating Jacques' well.

I told him to be on his best behavior and not to pull any of that crap...if he gives you any more trouble - put him on the phone and I'll remind him of his manners!!!

Gordo said...

I kind of figured that Jacques was trouble, the second I laid eyes on him.

That are quite the pants, aren't they? ;-)

cookingwithgas said...

You need to start your own team there Gary!
I am hot for those curling pants!
I like that they have the b@!!s to wear them.
And Gary- watch out for those monkeys you have to sleep sometime.....

Unknown said...

Those are totally bitchin' raspberry pants... on you. I'm sorry, Jacques, it's just not workin' for ya.... maybe stick to being a nekkid monkey? :)

Gallow said...

Great deal, and they're much less expensive than the $90/pair for the curling pants.

Jay said...

Dude. You are stylin'!!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

You ARE SOOOOO, such the NUT! You, you!

Raspberry pants! LOL!

Great job on the jacket for the loveee wife! ;-)

Susan as Herself said...

Rest assured that if you eat crackers and raspberry jam in those pants you can spill and spill and never see a stain. :)

I love second hand shops---sounds like you got some good deals!!

Wendy said...

I want to see Maude modeling the jacket!!!

Kari Weaver said...

What year did they make that color of Levis? About 20 years ago, I had a pair of matching raspberry Chucks.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

the fit is perfect, and they are def. men's and I am one lucky boy :)

red dirt girl said...

you two ROCK ! you're the HAWT-ESS couple I know !!!!!! lovin' the new threads and the monkey kingdom ....


Cheryl said...

OMG-my oldest son had a pair of those pants. He had to have them to wear to work at the local grocery store, the summer of "being a bag boy" as he wasn't old enough to work anywhere else. He even had a pair in dark green and a tan pair. Maybe you'll find them in your travels one day. Love the bargains you found and a COACH JACKET?!?! Man, I am so impressed!

Anonymous said...

amigo... in all seriousness, i need a pair of raspberry pants and they do match the very cool jacket perfectly. sometimes the stars align and this is what happens.

Kim Hines said...

................. (speechless lol)

fiwa said...

Those pants are hawt! I love, love, love going to the thrift store. I think that may be my favorite hobby. Good job on the leather jacket! I bet she looks fantastic in that!

Lynda said...

Amazing finds!

a m dohan said...

Happy Birthday, Maude!
good week to have a b-day, isn't it?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Only you would look good in raspberry pants, Gary. And I bet Maude is hawt in her new leather jacket!

Still, I'm kind of digging the Norwegians' pajama pants.

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