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Sunday, February 21, 2010

the Irish are the cutest people on earth: an international blogging incident

I guess Irish people probably don't get out of bed everyday and say "damn, I AM CUTE", but with the way they talk? That Irish accent that sounds like a poetic purr? THEY COULD say that.
We drove down to suburban NY yesterday to meet Louise and Benny and have an engagement party, but not just any engagement party. They are from Ireland, and none of us had ever met for real (well, we have met Gord from Canada and his wife, and Kate and Jim visited us here a couple of years ago).
You see, for several years we have all read the blog Old Grey Poet from Great Britain, exchanged comments and blogs and even gifts...and thanks to that single common thread, now we have all met up.
No axe murderers amongst us, and we are all as we might have imagined, except you pretty much want the young Irish couple to just sit there and TALK :)
In other news, Jacques Le Soq, Georges cousin, flew in from France, but you know how the French get at parties, sorta eating everything in sight and drinking all the wine and arguing existentialism...

(Back row--Benny, Bridget Campbell, Kate and Jim our hosts, front--Louise, Gord Campbell, My Missus, me and a kitteh----Georges le Soq and Jacques Le Soq were in the kitchen finishing the cookies)


kate et jim said...

Hey ~ looka me! I'm on Gary's blog!

It was fantastic, wasn't it? What a fabulous time! We'll have to try it again sometime when the weather is WARM, eh?

Thanks for coming down, guys! What a great day!

kate et jim said...

I forgot to 'wish you well', Jacques` ~ be strong, be happy with your new family (and don't show Georges` any of your monkey business, eh?)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Too funny -- I finally met one of my blog friends today, too. Read on Facebook she would be outside the grocery store hawking Girl Scout cookies from 3 to 5, so I beat cheeks and got over to finally shake her hand and say hello. We recognized each other across the parking lot, and she told me she knew I would come. ... My first time doing so, and just wonderful. Of course, we live in the same town, so still not as mega-cool as your visit.

Nicki said...

Very cool! And that soq monkey - I know don't tell him that is what he is - is humongous!

Glad a great time was had by all.

Lou said...

Great post Gary! Photofest! & yes, some mornings I do wake up and think 'I'm cute' (not)


mairead said...

i thought that exactly as i woke up this morning. millie is mrrrping for her balleen... they miss you a lot!

Michèle Hastings said...

reading your post and drinking coffee from my georges le soq mug... looks like a great time was had by all!

Unknown said...

Fun! Look at all those happy people. I feel the same way about Irish accent.. I visited there once about 10 years ago and I also just wanted to listen to them talk. :)

Good gravy, Jacques Le Soq is a big forkin' monkey. :)

Anonymous said...

hey... there's gordo! looks like a great time, amazing, this blogging thing. the monkeys are taking over

Busy Bee Suz said...

they are SO cute!!! What a fun get together for you happy there were not ax murderers as well!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

No pick pockets either, as far as I can tell :)
All these people are so darn smart and so friendly too, twas a nice time. Who will be the next bloggie I get to meet?????

Unknown said...

What a fantastic day you had, and Jacques is soo..... big!!! ;o) I think Georges and Jacques are gonna have a lot of new adventures!

red dirt girl said...

I'm a definite sucker for an accented purr ....... oh yeah! How cool is this ????!!!!! a most excellent day!


Unknown said...

I can't remember any time in my life when II had this much fun at a party without even being there! Thanks folks for a most terrific party. My house next time? And, of course, Le Soq boys are invited, as well! You think maybe Maude would consider turning them into a sideline? Neither of you does much of anything, anyway, right? ;>}

Jim said...

Gary, sorry I missed you guys, I got to Kate's about half an hour after you left. Lou continued to be cute for the rest of the weekend.

Shortstuff said...

Yowee zowee, Jacques is one big sock monkey. I'd like to see the size of the guy's foot who donated his socks for that one!!
So glad you got to meet up with friends. Maybe you'll come this way for the pottery and blog show and I'll meet you at Mere's. Oh, and I picked out Louise as the Irish gal before even reading the's that gorgeous skin.

Gordo said...

Apparently, I spent the weekend consuming too much coffee. That's quite the face. LOL

What a great weekend!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I'm a sucker for accents... Irish accent are grand! When the kids were little we had a Mommy in our play group and we all just had her say things the whole time! LOL!

Like, "What do you call the restroom?" And, as she spoke we were always caught glimpsing around and then asking her, "um, and that means?" as they have different terminology as well.

Miss her, she had to move back to Ireland.

Kimberly said...

That's the biggest sock monkey I've ever seen. He must have eaten allota bananas!!

Cheryl said...

Wow, what fun you all have. Loving Jacques. Man he is a big fella now isn't he? Oh the mischief that will come now from having two sock monkeys in your home...look out! They were so darn cute sitting in the car though.

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