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Monday, February 8, 2010

Its 3am, must be time for some laundry!

I am not one of those people who stays up late, watching Letterman, doing my nails, haunting facebook. I am one of those people who likes to get up EARLY. I remember election night 2008 falling asleep early, but wide awake at 2am wondering if Obama had won. He had.
Tonight I was dreaming I was in high school history class and got called in to talk to my teacher, actually my friend Bruce but you know dreams, and it was because I had blown a quiz. Part of the quiz was history, obviously, but I had blown the walnut counting part. I got an F there, because if you have a bowl of walnuts, do you count out all the pieces, or do what I did, and form all the little pieces together into whole nuts like a puzzle, so I had counted 23 walnuts when the answer was 100 pieces. Made sense in the dream, as did the part where the teacher told me my average was 95 so no biggy on the nuts.
Then, of course, I am wide awake and the missus is snoring, the cat is snoring the beagle is snoring* and I am thinking who won the superb bowl (HOHOHO all you who counted out the Saints--I love how in the NFL there is a different winner every year almost), not that I cared, and I am thinking of doing 2 loads of laundry and loading the kiln. I give in to it,and hop up and go out into the snow and wind with the dogs and brew a dab of espresso and join you here lovely folks, and share this dance video I made yesterday with Georges and Emily the cat :)
*OK, not snoring but a little bit of heavy breathing here and there...


Anonymous said...

Too funny. I don't speak "cat" but my guess is that Emily was saying "WTF????".

Nicki said...

Emily did not look impressed at all

Kimberly said...

You get up that early willingly? I hate getting up early.

Unknown said...

Gary, 3am is way too early... for anything. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

If Georges is suddenly missing, or missing some limbs..I would check with Emily!!!
I loathe mornings...I am a night owl!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to say I was sound asleep at 3am! And Emily surely wishes she had been sound asleep during that video. ROTFLMBO!

PS: H-J saw me laughing hysterically at the video and came over to say, "I want one of those." ??? He meant a sock monkey. But I think he wants a flip video camera, too.

Anonymous said...

PS: Always root for the underdog!

Jay said...

If I'm up at 3am it means I'm having another bout of insomnia, or I still haven't gone to bed. I've tried to make myself one of those early risers, but never been able to do it.

Susan as Herself said...

3:00am????!!! That's REM sleep time for me, sorry. I am not much good before 6:30am...

Emily has the same look on her face as Chief does when I sing to him. Haha!

Reverend Awesome said...

I am not a fan of waking up early. I do it everyday for work, but I'm NOT a morning person. I don't drink coffee so there's no waiting for that to kick in, it's just waiting for normal Kasey to kick in. I don't want to talk. Nothing. Just leave me be.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am soooo not a morning person. And certainly not a 3 a.m. person unless I've not gone to sleep yet!

Land of shimp said...

Ghosties and ghoulies, and long legged beasties, and Garys that roam in the night.

Emily is a good and patient animal :-) Very tolerant. I fear if I did the same with my cat, I'd never stop finding various and sundry bits of a Monkey Houseguest.

Cheryl said...

Hmmm...I think Emily was trying very hard to tell Georges that her dance card was full, thank you very much!

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