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Friday, February 5, 2010

broccoli burrito, ravioli burrito, applesauce cookies with Georges Le Soq

Georges Le Soq is STILL visiting, and I suspect he may never leave (unless a better offer comes along) and yesterday at lunch he is like
"I am hongry, zees leftover raviolis, zees tortillas, zis hot sauce, will be delicious, I am brilliant: ravioli burrito" and later it is time for dinner and Georges is back rooting around in the fridge and he is like
"I am hongry, zees leftover broccoli stir fry, zees tortillas, zis hot sauce, will be delicious, I am brilliant: broccoli burrito" and then, of course, after dinner he is like
" I am hongry, zee leftovers, dey are gone, I make zees, how you say, APPLESAUCE COOKIES".
I helped Georges with the cookies. I have wanted to try this recipe for years, its full of stuff but works together well: outmeal, applesauce, spices, raisins, nuts, and CHOCOLATE CHIPS. I know, you had it figured until the chips part, didn't you?

Here's a little Dutch Goth metal or whatever it is...sounds good, but not for everybody :)


Unknown said...

But Georges... how do you stay so slim?

Kimberly said...

Thats one very hard working little monkey.

Is he on probation this week for shoplifting at Wegmans?

denis said...

no wonder georges doesn't leave look at all the delicious food he gets to eat at your house!!!

Anna M. Branner said...

Greg and Georges could be brothers. He too believes ANYTHING can go in a tortilla!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love a sock puppet that is handy in the kitchen.
Those cookies= YUMMO!!

Kim Hines said...

next time throw your stir fry burito in a pan and grill it. i put mine in the george forman and let it do it's thing till it's crunchy, YUM!

Anonymous said...

georges is always hongry... does he have a tapeworm?

Stacey B said...

If Georges wants to spend some time in California, he is more than welcome for a visit...and I promise not to let Whisky eat him.

Willie J said...

Okay, enough with the cookies. A lot of what you cook can be recreated without a lot of instructions. But not what you bake. How about giving up that cookie recipe, please?

Unknown said...

Hubby loved the Epica vid

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