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Thursday, February 18, 2010

BURRITO MAN and friends....

Yesterday, as I said, my pal Benji was asking about new superheros. I was turning everything into a burrito yesterday, and as I said, I invented BURRITO MAN (super powers still undecided).
Benji said he needs a sidekick, and CM promptly suggested Dor!to Boy and that is excellent, and Cheri then suggested BEANIE, which has a great ring to it: Burrito Man and Beanie!
Naturally, all these ideas got me thinking and doodling, and I myself thought of SALSA THE DOG and the wife is so smart, she is thinking Fajita Femme and we are talking and come up with LA FEMME FAJITA and we are out walking the dog and I am like GUACAMOLE GIRL TOO! A whole gang of superheros I can play with.
And as we walk, I realize that I better copyright this sh!t, (oh please God, don't tell me somebody else did----I DON'T WANNA KNOW so don't look it up and tell me) or I will be walking by the comic book store next year and there is my idea making some other jerk a mint off my idea and in 2 years its all over the I added the big C if that counts for anything, and I'll mail a copy of all my pics to myself--poor mans copyright :)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am trying to remember what a fajita looks like--no, don't tell me, and in case you were wondering, Guacamole Girl is supposed to look like an avocado.

BSOB said...

wow - i love it! if you made a small edition print of a comic i'd definitely subscribe. if you need a colorist on the production line i can be of help.
Femme Fajita looks kinda hot - is she dating anyone?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Femme Fajita is somewhat curvaceous, eh? Probably full of habanero sauce and tough attitudes :)

Unknown said...

You are brilliant!!!!!!!

Susan as Herself said...

Muy caliente!

Unknown said...

Burrito Man is my hero.

Kimberly said...

The Gary Trudeau of Ithaca ;) Just remember that Burrito Man is locally a superhero and is in no way associated with the Corporate Burrito Man a whooly owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so imaginative...I can see the big screen version now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, there needs to be a red light district in this story. How about Carlotta Enchilada?

red dirt girl said...

now you need some villains. umm .... nope. can't think of anyone yet.

Glennis said...

You did read my blog about Chicken Boy, I hope.

I hope you include him.

Liz said...

Gary, I love George le soq! I can't wait to introduce him to my sock monkey kid when she gets home from school, he will definitely make it to her favourites list! Love the burrito man.
Last spring break I taught a kids pottery class here in Sydney, and I had 8 year old twins in my class, one of them spent the entire week making pottery food. She made several burritos! What a hoot she was!

Nicki said...

Love, love, love the comic! That is fantastic, Gary! And the names!!!! You are so creative!

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