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Saturday, February 27, 2010

a pottery post for a change...

With Spike the cat and some lewd videos thrown in.
This groovy elephant teapot is an unusual color scheme for me, as it was coated with some experimental glazes at Cornell. The blue green is MYSTERY and the red is something like VOLCANIC LAVA and the end result is rather wonderful. More customary elephant color schemes on these mugs.

Spike is probably sick of me and my flash.

My British pal Grit in the Gears introsuced me to this comic genius.....


Unknown said...

I L.O.V.E. that glaze combo. If I could make my font any bigger to emphasize that, I would. :)

cookingwithgas said...

yummy glaze!

G.C. said...

Good heavens, man, you're playing with fire!

I've been seeking out those parts of the world where the women will ---- for a potato, as Mr Cholmondely-Warner reports.
I suspect I'm not as comely as him, because in my case, I often find them demanding as much as a turnip, or even two. Perhaps this is a reflection of the global economy.
My advice? Chocolate is more effective, every time.

Yours Sincerely,
Grenville Clutterbuck.

soubriquet said...

I see you changed your header-picture again, to a "Pottery Rock-Star image.
That jacket's a killa!

Nice teapot... just the thing for a cosy tea, here in the cold part of the year.

Those videos? they're not comedy.. They're Public Information Films, and the BBC plays one every evening to keep us citizens properly informed and educated.

gz said...

The blue-green is probably an optical effect, like chun glazes

Unknown said...

That teapot is gorgeous, LOVE the colour, very cute ele mugs too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that teapot color combo...very clever Gary.
I do love those videos. Oh, the good old days, before women could use their brains. :0

red dirt girl said...

Spike knows what you're up to - check the engaged claw. or did you catch him mid-stretch? too cute. the enfields - oldies but goodies, eh? i love love love the red glaze, but am always partial to blue and white. classic. like you ;)


Emily SIL said...

The Enfield videos are hilarious!

Nicki said...

I am normally a blue-green person but love the red!!!!!

Land of shimp said...

Now you see, this has been a decidedly useful excursion on the internet. Not only have a glimpsed glorious glazes adorning pottery, I've learned a new phrase that will undoubtedly both scar my son for life (always a bonus) and provide me further things to shout randomly in the grocery store aisles, which is always lots of entertainment:

"You'll need to go out tonight, I wish to take diabolical advantage of my husband." *cue deep, psychological scarring on the part of my son/maniacal laughter on the part of his heartless mother* "Mwhwhahaha!"

And in the grocery store I can simply run around threatening to take diabolical advantage of things, like the Havarti with dill, or any number of pickled things. I bet that woman with the screaming toddler, who seems to appear up through the floorboards whenever I enter the store, will give me a wide berth.


No, I haven't been drinking, more's the pity. Instead, I'm just being randomly goofy on a Sunday afternoon.

Jerry said...


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