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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

le ravioli casserole with Georges Le Soq

Our long term guest Georges Le Soq, who won't go away but has his uses, was bored again today, and rooting around in our fridge:
"mon ami, I am very hungry"
"well Georges, what is on your mind?" and Georges is like
"we have here zee raviolis" and he starts tossing stuff out of the fridge and I try to catch it before it hits the floor and then he is in the cupboard
"ees GOOD" he says "tres bon, we make zee, how you say RAVIOLI CASSEROLE" and I help Georges find the cook pots and he chops and simmers and it is FANFORKINGTASTIC.

Basically, boil some raviolis, make some spaghetti sauce with tomatoes, tomato paste, bits of pepper and onions and spices, tofurkey fake sausage, then layer that stuff like a lasagne in the pan and cover with vegan rice cheese and bake for a half hour.
Oh my :)


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

That looks YUM! I've never heard or rice cheese. Sounds good and like maybe it doesn't leave the digestive issues that some regular cheeses do....

I wish I was eating at your house -- though, our meal will be quite tasty too! ;-)

Stacey B said...

One question....when is Georges Le Soq going to come cook for me?? I'm getting more feeble by the moment and need an assistant!!

denis said...

that looks really really good.

Kim Hines said...

where's the tater tots??

Anonymous said...

Oooo yummm!

Reverend Awesome said...

Georges looks so fetching in his scarf. That must be why he never takes it off.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Georges makes my dinner look boring and tasteless.

Kimberly said...

I love ravioli in chicken soup.

Anonymous said...

george is a culinary type monkey... sofia gets those tofurkey sausages and eats them raw, she loves them

Cheryl said...

And I thought BLTs tonight was high cuisine!

Jeannette StG said...

MMM, that ravioli casserole looks/sounds delicious (and simple! major requirement for me). Need to try it!

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