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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


(mugs by Gary Rith) These babies just came out of the kiln and make you wanna have some more java don't they?
Ready to be grossed out a little bit?
OK, one dream I had last night, I ended up at McD*nald's for the first time in decades. I ordered their stir fry (I know, since when is there stir fry?) and it was this little paper dish with mashed potato and beef and gravy---and since I am vegan I am grossed out but gonna eat it anyway, except there is this big hair on top, which I pull out, and STILL in the dream, grossed out as I am, I am gonna eat that mess....bleh.

OK, a week ago I am out having dinner at a fantastic Thai restaurant with a bunch of my buddies and Matt came along with his 7 year old girl, the only child present. She is a model guest though, a fantastic kid, she had her book, she had her IPOD, she just sat there, a charming and well behaved little adult for hours. She had on these rather amazing knee high boots: black engineer boots that zip up the side, and she was dressed like a little punk. Remember, she is 7. So yesterday Matt and I are talking about how good his daughter is, and I mention her hipster boots and he asks me if I know the singer Pink. I do and I don't. Never heard her stuff, but anyway, I have a mental image, and Matt tells me his daughter loves the singer Pink and dresses like her and wants a motorcycle jacket. And if you saw this first grader, you would agree, she already looks a lot like Pink. Here are a couple of her videos....


cookingwithgas said...

let's get this party started.
I do like some of Pink stuff- but I will try just about any type of music.
I sure like that wee pig just grinning to beat the band.
Wonder how she would look in some hot boots.....

Unknown said...

I love Pink, and her music. I remember when she first came out.. everyone was like "Gasp! OMG!" and I thought, "She's kinda like that Gwen!"

Believe it or not, people around my neighborhood ride their lawn mowers to places... sometimes the bar.

CRAP dream. I HATE CRAP'Donald's. That's what we call it, cuz, well... it's crap. :)

Kim Hines said...

Mc'Ds will scare the crap out of anybody. unfortunately i'm forced to go on occasion because of my kids... there's a couple of Pink's songs that rock lol...were you talking about my daughter?? she's almost 7, quite well behaved, the smartest one in her class (literally), and she's got some metalic silver boots just like those you describe and punks it up pretty good in her pigtails lol. reminds me of punky brewster actually, only cooler. :)

Trish said...

:)...more java please in those fabulous mugs..:)
Have a great creative day.

Cheryl said...

OMG did you see Pink at the Grammy's??

Jeannette StG said...

You have great imagination, Gary (your story about George)!

Michèle Hastings said...

i LOVE pink! went to a concert at UNH when her Mizzunderstood album was out... she does some fabulous janis joplin covers....LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!

Hilary said...

I quite like Pink. She's very talented. I could live without So What but I love the song Who Knew. Never saw the video before though, so thanks for that. :)

Kimberly said...

Pink for some reason reminds me of Orly Tatz.

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