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Monday, January 4, 2016

holy CATS number 2 in the world...

Imagine my surprise, I wake up this morning and a friend has seen that THIS BLOG is not only a top blog of 2015, but second place! And what are the chances the number one and 2 spots are both given to people named Gary????  Must be a conspiracy, you say….

Just imagine how disappointed everyone will be to discover how stupid and pointless my blog is, how self-centered, narcissistic, misleading, silly, and egotistic while containing very little anything about pots.  BUT, just like the Kardashians, maybe it is entertaining   ;)
(remember I mentioned yesterday I take about 50 pics a day?  JUST IMAGINE how much more BORING this blog could be ;)

So, just like the Oscars, I should thank my readers….this year, BTW, marks ten years blogging….you probably know me pretty well by now….and thank the usual subjects of my posts, the long-suffering cat, dog, and of course, the wife, who refused to be pictured or written about when I started, but has slowly given in………………….

SO, enough of that, back to business…..the wife and I finished six days of cleaning the house.  It seems like it is already time to start again.  I like things tidy, but am NOT a tidy person by nature.  But every year I suddenly get sick of my mess and wade into it and try to bring some order to it all.   Yesterday, as I had mentioned, included sorting the last of my snapshots.  A lifetime's worth.  Well, up until 4 years ago was pretty well organized, now all of them are. But in cleaning the rest of the house I seem to have TRASHED the studio…and cannot work today until that is cleaned…it NEVER ends, does it….


smartcat said...

Your blog is one of my go-tos and always enjoyable.
Ten years! Goodness! Keep it up!

cm said...

Yay, Gary! Or should I say Garys. :-)
And what is it with the new year and this urge to clean?

Ellen said...

Congrats, Gary! Your blog has always been fun!

Michèle Hastings said...

Congratulations! You are MORE entertaining than the Kardashians... of course I have never watched them because I am too busy reading blogs... and I don't have cable tv.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Congratulations!!! Yes, I feel that need to clean coming on strong. Just got all of the Christmas decor put away yesterday and that lead to cleaning out a few closets, and that led to purging the big closet, and that lead I need a few days off again!

bartster said...

The blog is part of my morning routine too...(not writing one) and I enjoy coffee in a "Gary mug" while I read and see the pictures you post.

Barbara Rogers said...

Congrats, Gary, Penny, Spike and Mrs. Tastycakes!

smalltownme said...

You are #1 to us!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Never stupid or pointless; always entertaining! Congratulations to you and the other Gary. ;)
Happy 2016; starting clean and fresh is a great way to start! Right?

sddonlon said...

WOW..AWESOME....FABULOUS..and totally deserved!! :D

JB said...

Well done. Your blog is No 1 on my reading list. Plenty of pots. Great pets and gluten free cooking tips, who could want for more,

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